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Fund Development Hangout

No description

James Carlson

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Fund Development Hangout

Fund Development Basics Fundraising is fundamentally about relationships
Leveraging your current relationships
Restricted vs. Unrestricted Funding
Telling your space's story in compelling ways
Whose job is it at my space to do fundraising?
Getting funding for "unpopular" things (like staff, rent) Foundations How to search for Foundations
"Foundations' ""Areas of Interest""
What are things you can and can’t get grants for?
Information needed to submit a grant proposal
Creating a case statement for your entity
Impact Measurement: Providing evidence that your space does what it says it does AND that it's better than anyone else at doing it
Grant writing do's & don'ts / success & failure stories
Do you need to hire a grant writer? Corporations How to identify corporate partners
Corporations' "Areas of Interest"
Corporate Foundations vs. Corporate Sponsorships
Corporate sponsorship do's & don'ts / success & failure stories Individuals Times of the year that work best for individual donations
Are there different strategies for getting donations from individuals vs. Corporations or Foundations?
Kickstarter & Indiegogo Campaigns
Individual donations do's and don'ts/ success & failure stories Sources of Funding Methods Events
In-kind donations that off-set expenses
Creating products or services for sale
Commission Programs Questions How to account for "jar" donations or "at the door" donations
How we could accept membership fees/donations in BitCoins and how that might affect our taxes?
please ask what physical builds/interactive donation systems people have built, and how to handle the resulting anonymous cash
How do we keep our programs and activities accessible? (both in terms of numbers and in terms of project costs)
How do you figure out who within an organization to target with your ask?
How much money does it cost to get a space?
How much should we ask for? casual conversations presented by the School Factory, Inc. Quantifying Outcomes what measures the impact of your activity It is everyone's job to support fund development and growth of the organization--even the participants, and especially the participants. Enable your participants to tell the story. Off-site Days at the Space
Fee-for-service engagements
Meeting space Find the local "non-profit support organization" Local university libraries might have a "grant research center" What your program does What foundations support Focus Geography: What area is the focus? (city, state, county, region, nation)
Issue: Education, art, entrepreneurship, etc.
Location: where are you located and how do you reach people?
Demographics: who is affected? Will fund: Won't fund: Rent, Operations, Staff Program activity
Materials and tools
Measurements The Grant Proposal Background and Overview 6 pages Non-profit documents Exemption Letter
501c3 documents
Letter of Support from School Factory
Board of Directors List
Budget for organization as a whole
Financial Statements: Income and Expense Report for previous year
Projected Budget for future year Program specific overview Short Description
People affected
Budget Letter of Intent simple language
define terms
include glossary Quotes, stories, and text that supports the story
Origin story
Quotes from the folks experiencing the program and participants Board strength
Staff strength
Accounting, etc. Program funding
Program expenses
Materials, tools
Rental fees Program Funding Capacity Building: Funding Committee on your Board Accounting
Meetings / presentation
Measurement Shared list of tasks Sponsorships are about marketing and advertising dollars. Foundations are about having impact. COMPLEX SIMPLER ADVERTISING AND MARKETING DEPARTMENT Corporate Foundation, Outreach Corporate Giving Corporate Selling LARGER CORP SMALLER BIZ Not Just Money...
Promotion NO is never the final answer include all sizes Keep in touch between asking for help! When to ask? Tax Time Who to ask? Business owners
Leaders of organizations
Folks with a story! What to ask? "Who do you know that might support?"
Start with WHY
Ask for what you need anyway, plus a little extra that fits in line with what people are already giving Before the Holidays People want to be good! NOT SELLING, SHARING Kickstarter Indiegogo starting with face to face stories will empower the campaign
put the voice of the people into your campaign along with your program description
enable donors to feel a part of a bigger outcome than their contributions
use your social networks and reaching out to build the groundwork prior to the campaign and throughout Community Discussions -> Plan Campaign -> Build and Publish -> Engage, Engage, Engage -> Thank, Thank, Thank more visible, accepted, less flexible less visible, accepted, more flexible Prezi -> Voiceover and Narration -> Video (screenflow, camtasia, etc.) Simple technique
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