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Sam Killian

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Edward

"Edward Mills and George Benton: A Tale"
By Mark Twain
In this short story, Twain is creating a metaphor for America at the time, showing how corrupt the country is and what it takes to be successful. The good guy doesn't always win, similar to getting on top in the U.S.
Two distant cousins adopted
Taught to live by the saying, "Be pure, honest, sober, industrious, considerate, and you will never lack friends."
Significant difference between the two
Edward Mills
George Benton
Took over father's business
George began to run the establishment into debt
both left with nothing
Quote & Humor
¨ The brave cashier's head-stone has this inscription, 'Be pure, sober, industrious, considerate and you will never...'¨(pg. 4)

Twain is using a bit of irony in this quote by slightly changing the quote the two main characters learned at the beginning of the story. This is based on how in the story, George was very unfair and dishonest compared to Edward, but George was more successful in the end.
Quote and Humor
"The faster Edward died out of the public knowledge and interest, the faster George rose in them." (pg. 2)

Again, Twain uses irony as the two brothers almost seem to switch positions in society. Despite his corruption and how bad of a person he is, George keeps catching breaks in his life and is becoming more successful. Edward's life is continuing to get worse and worse.
Irony, Power and Corruption, Greed, Facing Reality

These themes are present in the story through the characters actions as well as how the plot of the story goes. Twain writes about how even though George was the worse of the two kids, he ended up being better off in the end. This ties in to all of the themes of this story.

Edward Mills tried to get a job
George Benton became the public's interest
Edward finally found a job at a bank
one being George
Honored Benton
fresh flowers on it everyday
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