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Wife Of Bath (Canterbury Tales)

No description

Faith Manigan

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Wife Of Bath (Canterbury Tales)

Wife of Bath
Canterbury Tales
By: Geoffrey Chaucer Character: Personality: Economic Status: One step above middle class
Social Status: Gold digger
Education: fairly educated > Housewife
> Married 5 times
> Traveled to Jerusalem 3 times
> Makes clothing
> Wears her own creations Mannerisms Response from other characters The doctor comes before Bath of Wife, and a holy minded man comes after but neither affects her behavior or story. -Housewife
-Nicely dressed
-Largish woman
-Gaped teeth
-Wears a hat "as large as a boat"
-Deaf in one ear A young knight rapes a fair maiden and his punishment was he had to find out what women desire most. On his way back he runs across an old hag and she agreed to tell him what women desire most if he will marry her and grant her every desire. >Chaucer seems to like women in general, but he has contempt for the Wife of Bath. >Chaucer doesn't really admire the life style
of the Wife of Bath. He thinks that she is a
gold digger, and just uses men for her own
pleasures. Tradition: Mirror image, The Wife of Bath’s
Prologue both draws from and critiques the long
medieval tradition of anti feminist texts. Back Story: >Center of attention
>Self confident
>Strong willed and dominant The simple fact that Allison is a widow
who remarries more than once suggests a relationship with anti-feminist traditions. Society: Women’s role and identity in society during the medieval period were different from their role and identity in society now. Women are still living in a double-standard society, trying to overcome many barriers. In the Middle Ages, women were primarily their husbands’ possessions. portrays a strong bold woman as compared to other women of the Middle Ages. Her flashy clothes show her bold image; and her decorative and heavy hats that she wears to church show her attention-craving personality. Allison Other characters thought that she was a strong and dominant woman. They knew that she could get her way in any relationship. The Story She Tells: Before and After: How Chaucer Feels: Tradition: Society: Chaucer had already taken the journey to Canterbury so that's how he relates to the place Relation between author and place: The answer he was looking for all along was "Have sovereignty over their husbands and lovers". The hag give him the option of whether he wants a beautiful young wife or a faithful and trustworthy wife. Ultimately she agrees to be both.
This story is purposed to teach the lesson that men should be ruled by their wives.
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