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Copy of APWH CCOT Essay

Explanation of the CCOT on the AP World History Exam

Tim Martin

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of APWH CCOT Essay

Cultural interchange:
how did people's culture get moved around, how did it change?

Do Now: Take out a sheet of paper and your chart over Islamic Caliphates
Ch. 8 notes

CCOT: what's it stand for?
Change, as in how did things change? What was different from when it started? Why? How? What were the effects?
What stayed the same from the beginning, despite the changes that took place?
What time period did these changes take place?
What time period is mentioned in the question?
What kind of topics could it include?
Global trade:
how did goods move?
Migrations of peoples: how did people move?
Roles of minorities: how did minorities affect civilizations?
Status of women:
when and why did societies give women better social status?
Environmental issues:
how has man affected nature?
Biological developments:
disease, healthcare, and medicine in societies.
Changes in technology:
how has technology helped man? how has it hurt man?
Artistic & cultural attitudes: art, music, architecture, ect.
Scientific innovations:
what pioneering sciences have advances societies and spurred change?
How long should I take on it?
take about 5 minutes to organize your essay (no more than 10 mins)
The most helpful thing you've got
in planning the CCOT essay...
it's called a BCC chart
what was the condition at the start of the time period? where was the topic?
you'll spend a portion of class creating a CCOT chart for Islamic Caliphates
What should my essay include?
using your chart, you should make an outline for ideas and presentation
paragraph 1: intro and thesis
paragraph 2: beginning
the thesis is your roadmap
this is important, your thesis is what will define the rest of your paper.
Intro Paragraph - thesis
step 3. address AT LEAST 2 changes and 2 continuities
the less you talk about in your thesis,
the less you will have to use later. write all the changes and continuties you can think of. they can't take off points because you have too much information.
address every part of the question, thinking analytically and in-depth-
2:1 ratio
2 changes to 1 continutity
2 continuities to 1 change
summarize all of the information in your essay,
make connections to the world
, how did this affect your topic's global standpoint? how did this affect the future?
How will I be graded?
basic core
expanded core
a thesis that addresses
the global issues in the question
and covers the correct time period(s)
what they want
what it's worth
address all parts of the question
(both change & continuity)
historical evidence that supports
the thesis
show change over time using relevant
history, including characteristic of
the time period to explain context
analyze the process of change and continuity, and describe what changed and how it changed, including the causes & effects
2 points
2 points
1 point
1 point
1 point
a comprehensive, analytical thesis
analysis of all parts of the issue
ample historical evidence that acts as proof for your thesis
connections to ideas, events, or other issues
what they want
what it's worth
2 points
what is a good score?
a 7 is quite good, but you want to
shoot for a 9. remember, if you
don't get all of the basic core requirements, then you don't even have a chance to get the expanded core.
even if you have all of the expanded core points, but miss one of the basic core points, you're looking at a 6, which is good but not great
what if I don't know about the topic?
there is a chance that you might get a question that you don't know how to answer, but the CCOT writing prompts always give you a list of countries, time periods, or political units to choose from
if you're stumbling through your essay, just write everything you know about the topic, even if it seems small or unimportant, just make sure you don't forget about organization
Explain the changes that occurred from the beginning to the end of the period OR from the first period to the second (depending on the question). Be sure to explain (analyze) WHY these changes took place.
Explain what conditions, characteristics or patterns remained the same from the beginning of the period to the end and (analyze) WHY the stability remained.
how did the topic change? how was it different from the beginning?
what were the effects?
what stayed the same despite the changes?
Establish the MAJOR characteristics, patterns or conditions at the beginning of the time period.
Intro to CCOT
Continuity Change Degree Reason

Intro to CCOT
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