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2.07 Collaboration Biology

Muhammed Hafez and Demonte Jones

Muhammed Hafez

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of 2.07 Collaboration Biology

An animal cell is like a restaurant. A restaurant and an animal cell have many similarities and functions. The reason I chose a restaurant was because there are many features a restaurant has.
By: Muhammed Hafez and Demonte Jones
The nucleus of a cell is to the manager of a restaurant. It is the "brains of the operation" and has instructions to make sure everyone is doing their job, and doing it correctly.
The chairs and tables of a restaurant are to the cytoplasm of a cell. It fills the restaurant or cell.
The nucleolus of a cell is like a sous chef in a restaurant. They assemble the "ribosomes" in a cell.
The cell membrane is to a cell as doors are to the restaurant. They control what comes in and goes out.
The nuclear envelope is to the manager's office. and the dotted pores are like the doors on the manager's office. It allows information and materials in and out of the nucleus.
The dishes in a restaurant are to the ribosomes in cells, because proteins are assembled on them, and they're scattered all around the cell or restaurant.
The drive-thru section of a restaurant is like an Endoplasmic reticulim (ER) in a cell. It is where proteins and other materials are exported from a cell.
The workers at the take-out section of a restaurant are like the golgi-apparatus in a cell. They modify, sort and package proteins for storage or secretion.
The bus boys in a restaurant are like the lysosomes in a cell. Their job is to clean up the cell or restuarant by breaking down old, useless materials.
The food freezer in a restaurant is like the vacoules in cells. They are used to store materials such as water, proteins, and starches.
A mitochondria in a cell is like a generator for the restaurant. It is the "powerhouse" for the cell and provides it with its energy.
The framework of the restaurant is like the cytoskeleton in a cell. It helps the restaurant or cell maintain their shapes.
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