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Unit 12: Health and Social Care needs

No description

Samantha Wedgbury

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Unit 12: Health and Social Care needs

You can live without food for 30-40 days but only 3 days without water/ fluids
Food and water
Personal Needs
Emotional and social Needs
factors that affect health
We have a physical need to stay safe. What do we mean by the term safe?

Shelter? What could this be?

Regular fresh air? What air is fresh?
Warmth, shelter, fresh air, and a safe environment
Think back to unit 13 what are people hygiene needs?
At some point in life people may require medical care. List in pairs for 5 minutes reasons why and medical illnesses.
Medical Care
Why might your needs change?

Changing health needs
Feeling loved and cared for can help people through difficult times in their lives. It doesn't have to be in a relationship or from a friend it can also come from a support worker or a counsellor.

With the person next to you make a list of all the words you could use to show love and support.
Love and support
What does independence mean to you?

Independence gives you a sense of freedom.
Self-esteem is how much you value yourself and your life. Having a high self esteem may make you feel happy and confident whereas low self esteem may lead to depression and unhappiness.

can you list three characters with high and low self esteem? Think of soaps and films.
Interacting with other people helps you develop as a human being. Why do you think this is?

If you are worried and upset you have someone you can go to and they will support you.
Social interaction
Lets do a mind map of all of the different illness and disabilities that a person could have.

In groups state how they can make effect a person. We will do one together.
Illness and disability
Not everyone can live in a good house. What would you class as a god house?
Being unemployed can lead to being in poverty. You may become depress and stereotyped. We are now going to watch a show that can show all of these factors affected. Please take notes throughout on
-how the people feel
-if they are stereotyped
- your opinion of them

Poverty and Unemployment
Unit 12: Health and Social Care needs
In groups of three make a poster about the physical need you have been given.

Why is it important that those needs are met?
How can you meet those needs?
Ground Rules
It's a new term. So lets recap what we expect of each other.
Assignment Brief
Lets have a look
What do you need for you to live happily? Talk through your day and make a poster that shows all the things that you make you happy on a daily basis. State if they are physical, social or emotional.
Your brain needs to be stimulated to keep it active.

You have all been given a half of a brain. Find all the parts you would need to work in health and social care and colour them in and label why you need them. Then find someone with the other half of your brain and stick it together.
What could pollution be?

What could be in the air that could be bad for you?

What could bad air cause?

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