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Bloomberg Global Data

No description

Hulya Yasar

on 23 August 2017

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Transcript of Bloomberg Global Data

What is Global Data?
Bloomberg Global Data
A world-leading source of data
Providing accurate insights for specialized clients in specialized fields
One of the 3 pillars of Bloomberg (Sales, Data & R&D)
Without Data no terminal
Why is Global Data important?
What does Global Data do?
Obtain financial information from various sources
Process complex financial data on to the terminal
Data maintenance
Product enhancement
Customer Service
Project management
How is Global Data structured?
Fixed Income
Equities x 2
Data Support
Divided into asset classes:
Global Data Workflow
What Global Data Analysts do on a day to day basis?
Research, processing & analysis
Client interaction
Special projects
What sources do Global Data Analysts use?
Clients ( Corporates, Banks, Funds, Private Equity Companies, etc.)
Exchanges, Central Banks
Third-party providers
Which other departments does Global Data interact with?
Bloomberg Industries
Core Business
What we look for
Interest in financial markets & technology
Excellent Communication & networking skills
European Languages
Effective team work
Proactive approach
Excellent customer focus
Innovative & entrepreneurial attitude
Ambition to grow & build a career at Bloomberg
Cross department
Team Leader/Manager
Data Sales
Analytics and Core Sales
Other departments
Summer internship
Learn more via bloomberg.com/careers
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