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Werribee 2010

No description

Zamiara Reyaz

on 10 August 2010

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Transcript of Werribee 2010

WERRIBEE 2010 Objectives

Exposure & cross cultural education among WSSS students
A comparative study of the education system abroad as compared to Singapore
Allow networking and giving WSSS students a more globalized perspective 13 - 20 June 2010 7D7N trip to Australia Day 1 Tour & shop in Melbourne city upon arrival Day2 - day5 School exchange programme with Werribee Secondary College Longest established secondary college
Has established long-standing with schools in Japan & Singapore
Werribee Open Range Zoo day 6 Day 7 Quick!
Book your places NOW!! 10 Reasons Why You Should Go
Gives you a more global perspectives of life.
Better camaraderie among student leaders of the school.
To understand & appreciate foreign culture.
Greater experience & sense of independence.
Content upgrading especially for Geography students!
To be able to share experiences and knowledge to other WSSS students.
Create awareness among foreign students on the education system here.
Gives you an opportunity to expand your contacts and (of course!) your facebook friends.
One week away from the hottest time of the year in Singapore.
Mr Adrian Tan & Ms Siti Z is going!! (Need I say more?)

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