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The Four Agreements

No description

Candie Sanderson

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements Toltec Wisdom The Four Agreements Toltec Family
History Until...One Day The Agreements A Spiritual Leader
is Born by Don Miguel Ruiz Near Fatal Car Accident
Changed His Life Ancient Toltec Wisdom
for Modern Day Living Be Impeccable with your Word
Don't take things personally
Don't make assumptions
Always try your best Don't say it unless your mean it.
Avoid words that judge
Don't speak against others or yourself
Don't gossip or spread rumors Raised in Rural Mexico
Mother/Grandfather Shamans
Scientific Path: Surgeon OBE Transformed his World View Nothing other people say or
do is because of you.
What they say or do is a
projection of their own reality. Stop paying attention to what people say. Become
immune to their reality. Don't Take
Things Personally To take the comments of another personally gives the other person control over us Don't Make
Assumptions We assume everyone sees
life the way we do.
Ask questions.
Express what you really want.
Communicate clearly.
Avoid judging yourself
and your colleagues. Words to Live By Use your Word to create,
Use your Word to give,
Use your Word to share,
Use your Word to love.
Allow the Four Agreements
to transform your life and
free yourself from self-
imposed bonds.
. Always do
Your Best Your best is always changing.
If you do your best,
you avoid self-judgment.
Doing your best means enjoying
your action without
expecting a reward. Be Impeccable
with Your Word Use your power of
your word in the
of truth and love Enjoy the path traveled and
the destination will take care of itself. Live the Four Agreements! Take action. Practice forgiveness. Have patience with yourself. This Year's Winner of the
Honorary Toltec
Award for Living the
TIMELESS Traditions of
the Four Agreements... Living the
Wisdom of the Toltec Dr. John Aragona Our Esteemed Friend and Colleague
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