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Why do the Greek myths matter?

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Ali Theriot

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of Why do the Greek myths matter?

Write your thoughts down in your notes.
How do you think life would differ today without the Greek influence?
: The cherished idea flowered in the 6th century BC when power was first passed to the people. Men of 18 years and over, were divided into local groups - the "demoi" - who were then represented on the city's major council of 500 called the "boule". In addition, 40 times each year the people (the ekklesia) met in their thousands to vote on issues of both foreign and domestic policy.
Here are just a few!
a story that was told in an ancient culture to explain a practice, belief, or natural occurrence
So what?
These myths and beliefs may seem odd to us now, but they were believed by the people who gave the world some of the most amazing advancements.
Others include:
Philosophy, History, Tragedy
The ancient Greek culture highly influenced the Western culture (our culture). From words to our brand names, we still see the influence everyday but may not realize it like Nike shoes or the Olympics. Greek myths also heavily influenced writers and artists throughout time. For example in Shakespeare's Macbeth he uses the goddess of magic, Hecate, as a character.
Why do they matter?
Nike is the Greek goddess of victory. The popular athletic shoes borrowed her name to promote their product.
Why do the Greek myths matter?
Myths were used to explain natural events and occurrences that the Greeks did not yet understand. The ancient people thought that several gods and goddesses controlled everything in the world, and the myths are the stories they used to explain their beliefs.
The Goddess of Love in Greek mythology is Aphrodite who was born in the sea off Cyprus. Aphrodite thrived, going on to become not only the Goddess of Love but, in the eyes of the Spartans, also a Goddess of War. So, by default, she was the Goddess of Married Couples.

: The word is derived from the term "geometria", meaning the measurement of the earth, a discipline which Euclid, who was actually from Alexandria in Egypt, first studied at Plato's Academy. In case our weary pupil wishes to nurse any further grudges, mathematics was also the Greeks' fault.

The Olympic Games:
The first gathering of top athletes drawn from the Hellenic world was in 776 BC and afterward, every four years, they would return to Olympia to compete for crowns of wild olives in events such as chariot racing, wrestling, boxing and the pentathlon.
Tonight you need to locate 3 items in your home that relate to Greek mythology and bring them to school tomorrow.
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