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how to make frozen pizza

No description

matt stoken

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of how to make frozen pizza

how to make frozen pizza

by matthew stoken go to the store and buy it

u get in a car and u take money out of your wallet then u buy it you get out of your car walk up to the door and unlock the door second u go back home you pick your feet up to walk you go inside get a knife and cut the package open fifth you will open the package take your hands and use them to take it out sixth you take the pizza out You do that by walking to it then pressing the buttons. seventh you pre-heat the oven. go sit in a chair or do somthing till it beeps. wait for it to pre-heat put the pizza in the oven use your hands to pick it up take the hot pads and use those take the pizza out go to the sink take some soap and turn on the water wash them up then dry them up. wash your hands now you are ready to eat making frozen pizza is fun and quite tasty. it is fun to make
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