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1.09 Pre-writing Process

No description

Taya Engle

on 6 December 2015

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Transcript of 1.09 Pre-writing Process

1.09 Pre-writing Process
Ceres in MY story.
My story will take place in the fields in which "The Pomegranate Seeds" began. I am doing a Prequel on why Ceres is such a careful mother. In my prequel Ceres is a carefree young woman such as Proserpina is in the current story. She is as wild and free as the wind that blows through the wheat. She has no worries and no responsibilities. She is a young naive girl herself.
How - I want my reader to feel thankful after reading my story. I want them to feel blessed and humbled for having the time that they do have with their loved ones.
Mother Ceres in "The Pomegranate Seeds."
Physical Appearance
Mother Ceres is a very beautiful woman. Her pale skin, long blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes give a mysterious essence to her natural beauty.
How would you describe your character?
I would describe mother Ceres as a strong willed, mother who deeply cares for her daughter Proserpina and would do anything to protect her. She is wise, careful, and seems to be a woman of life.
Mother Ceres feels that her daughter may be too naive. She warns her not to wander away because of this instinct to protect her.
Mother Ceres is very careful and cautious. She does not to take risks and would rather not push or test the limits unless she has to.
Ceres' conflict is Character vs. Character, her vs. King Pluto
Mother Ceres experiences a very difficult conflict. After she warned her daughter not to wander too far, Proserpina does anyways. She is then kidnapped by King Pluto.
Ceres is unaware of what has happened to her daughter.
Exposition- This is when I will introduce young Ceres and her carefree spirit and how she came to be the cautious woman she is today.
Rising Action (1) - This is when Proserpina will ask to play with the sea nymphs.
Rising Action (2) - This is when Ceres realizes Proserpina has been gone a long while.
Rising Action (3) - Ceres hears Proserpina's cry and begins to search for her.
When (Cont.)
Climax - This is when Ceres decides not to tend to the Earth until her daughter is brought home to her.
Falling Action - This is when Ceres has let the land die down to nothing, and then her Enchanted torch goes out when it should not have.
Resolution - This is when Proserpina is brought home and they discover she cannot stay forever. Ceres learns to be grateful for the time she will have for her daughter.
When (Cont.)
POV - First person, I chose this so that they can connect with and feel what Ceres is feeling when she is feeling it.
Tone - Lonesome, Thankful and appreciative. I will show Ceres' change in attitude throughout the story.
Pace - I will use a formal pace of short and long sentences in order to create a mood for the reader to feel. I will do this by using structure and proper grammar in my story.
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