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Method Brand Audit

No description

Sarah Morin

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Method Brand Audit

a brand audit by: Sarah Morin

an introduction to method.
"we wanted to represent a whole new approach to cleaning—a smarter, more holistic process—a new way, based on great technique rather than brute force.”
-Adam Lowry & Eric Ryan
the method method
brand inventory: products.
name. logo. slogans.
marketing the method brand.
desired positioning.
points of parity & differentiation.
brand identity planning model:
strategic brand analysis.
brand consistency.
method's target market.
internal branding.
metrics to consider.

Demographic Characteristics:
Households with an income greater than the median average of $50K (census.gov)
Predominantly female
Between the ages of 25 and 60
College education
Lives with children
Psychographic Characteristics:
Concerned over family's health
Environmentally conscientious
Values the home's appearance
Watches home network shows like HGTV
Frequently cleans up messes
Points of parity
offers eco-friendly products
effective cleaner
available at many large retailers
offers wide variety of scents
"as a green consumer, every brand that I patronized asked me to make a sacrifice" -Adam Lowry
Points of differentiation
satisfies unmet need for functional packaging
offers stylish packaging
uses recycled ocean plastic
wholly biodegradable and non-toxic formulas
exclusively eco-friendly
non-aerosol air fresheners
no chemical smells
does not offer a value/bargain priced product
Green Works
Mr. Clean
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Von Hoffman, C. (2006, June 19). A Washout or a Clean Sweep? Brandweek.

*All photographs taken from Method's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/method?ref=br_tf
Low brand awareness relative to Lysol and Clorox
Clorox has over 2 million followers on Facebook, while Method has just over 650 thousand
Method continues to disrupt the cleaning industry by providing unmet needs like functional packaging and scented cleaning products
Survey Results
1 person out of 19 recalled the Method brand when asked to name 5 brands of all-purpose cleaners
Lysol and Clorox consistently scored highest in brand salience categories, emotional connection, and loyalty
Overall, Method scored the lowest in each category of questions asked
customer analysis.
"Lifestyling" of the home
Chemical dependence and a concern for good health
Environmental friendliness
Consumers are selfish
Unmet Needs
Clean without the chemicals
Green AND Effective
A stylish clean
Green consumers
competitor analysis.
Brand Image/Identity

Strengths & Strategies
Market longevity
Bargain/value pricing
Perception of effectiveness
Stale/unsightly design
Harsh chemical smells
Not unique or innovative
Existing Brand Image
An industry outlier
Still an unknown entity
Brand Heritage
Founded to create a healthier clean
Strengths & Weaknesses
Improves functionality of cleaning products
Minimalist packaging does not tell a consumer how to differentiate between Method and the competition
Organizational Values
Green at heart
Optimize the experience
desired positioning: suggestions.
Improve consumer salience

Strengthen awareness of Method products' effectiveness and environmental benefits

Counteract loss of advertising space on packages innovated to be compact and space efficient
measures of brand equity:
brand recall
brand salience
emotional response to brand
brand loyalty
brand personality
Ingredient Branding
Power of baking soda
Power of OxyClean
Advertising Alliances
Feature Method body soap with bamboo bath towels and accessories from Bed Bath & Beyond
Method Oceans Plastics product line featured in Royal Caribbean or Carnival cruises
the method promise.
financial metrics:
return on investment from advertising campaigns
percentage change in market share as a result of positioning efforts
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