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Tom Wright the Architect

No description

Morgan Mills

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Tom Wright the Architect

Tom Wright by: Morgan Mills
Born:September 18,1957
The Burj Al Arab
Construction of the Burj Al Arab began in 1994, five years later in 1999,in was fininshed.
The Burj Al Arab(continued)
Career Accomplishments
Unfortunately not much is known of his acheievements.
Tom Wright
Born in Croydon,United Kingdom
Tom and two others created WKK Architects.
“If you can draw a building with a few sweeps of the pen and everyone recognizes not only the structure but also associates it with a place on earth, you have gone a long way towards creating something iconic” (Tom Wright, 2000)
Wright became a member of the Royal Instuitute of British Architects in 1983 and still is one today.
Tom Wright went to Royal Russel School in
Croydon,afterword he began school at The Kingston Polytechnic school of architecture.
Wright and his team have created places ranging from hotels and
offices to leisure spaces and homes.
The reason the building is shaped like a sail is
because the culture there is focused on the water and Mr. Wright wanted it to be an icon/symbol.
The Burj Al Arab is in Dubai on the Arabian Gulf,in the
United Arab Emirates.
This building consists of 59 floors and 202 suites. The largest
being 8,400 sq. feet and the smallest 1,800sq. feet.
The building is built on an man made
island, which is comprised of sand.
The total cost to build was $650 Million
The Burj Al Arab is the worlds tallest building with a "membrane facade"
Membrane Facade-Where the building is inside out. The facings and such are facing out.
Went to Royal Russel School
Went to Kingston Polytechnic School of Architecture
Most of his designs are high flying and meant to be associated with where they are built. Most include butresses and a membrane facade.
Other than those things listed there is not much on Tom Wright.
What is known is that The Burj Al Arab is the highlight of Tom's Career.

He is featured in the Washington Post, and a book called
The Seven Wonders of Architecture.
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