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City of Roseville

No description

Emily Frei

on 19 October 2013

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Transcript of City of Roseville

Our Approach
Collaborative partnership
Why RS&E/MP?
Provide Communications Strategic Plan and structure for implementation
Vast experience guiding cities
Depth of resources
Proven leadership

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Activity 2
Activity 3
Activity 5
Project Kick-off
Kick-off meeting to confirm outcomes, work plan and schedule
Gather all pertinent internal data
Conceptual Planning
Present needs assessment to City
Identify comm. objectives and goals
Define comm. team structure and protocol
Identify strategies
Effective 2-way communication
Departmental efficiency
Engage stakeholders
Needs Assessment
Staff members, elected officials, focus groups, survey
Explore what works, what doesn't, and what can be improved
Compare structure and practices with peer agencies
Develop objective criteria to identify comparable cities
Population, budget, range of services, socio-economic similarity
Highlight best practices
Draft Communications Strategic Plan
Develop and draft plan reflective of findings from Activities 1-3
Situation analysis, objectives, target audience, key messages, communications strategies, channels, tactical plan, timeline
Incorporate City feedback
Activity 4
Draft Implementation Action Plan
Plan without execution is only a dream
Action plan identifies:
Required resources
Assigned responsibilities
Activity 1
Activity 1: Start Project/ Kickoff
Activity 2: Needs Assessment
Activity 3: Conceptual Planning
Activity 4: Develop Communications Strategic Plan
Activity 5: Develop Implementation Plan
City of Roseville
Real world, local government experience
Reputation for practical recommendations based on quality analysis
Team members
Roseville has diverse, growing population
Establishing itself as a strong regional force
Aggressive economic development plan
Decentralized communications structure
20-member Communications Team to coordinate
Message consistency is essential
Over 50 years of experience
52 employees with vast and varied experience
Integrated and collaborative
Civic/Government experience
What should the City be communicating?
Communications Strategic Plan
How should the City be communicating?
Most efficient and effective structure
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