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The Descent into the Lower World

No description

Cory Fredenburg

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of The Descent into the Lower World

Finally A meeting of two heroes. The descent into the lower world. Both Aeneas and Achates meet for the first time and decide to go into the dark forest and find a golden bough. They went almost hopelessly into the great wilderness of trees where it seemed impossible to find anything. A mystical cave. Aeneas and Achates reach the cave and Achates slaughters four coal-black bullocks to Hecate. They ran inside the cave where they soon found a road wrapped in shadows which yet permitted them to see frightful forms on either side which was a great company of terrors. Charon the man in the boat, let them get into the boat with him. They got into the boat and Charon took them across to the other side where the three-headed dog Cerberus lay. They run out of the cave and find a man rowing a boat down a long stretch of water. There they saw a pitiful sight, spirits on the shore innumerable as the leaves which fall in the forest at the first cold of winter, all stretching out their hands and praying the ferryman to carry them across to the further bank.
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