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My school !

No description

haj Milena

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of My school !

Anna Vasa School This is my school . This is Anna Vasa, patron of the school . Anna Vasa or Anna of Sweden (17 May 1568 – 26 February 1625) was a Swedish princess. She was the sister of the monarch of Poland, Sweden and Lithuania, Sigismund III Vasa, and starosta of Brodnica and Golub. She lived in a castle in Golub near my school and she rebuilt it. She was nice and helpful, she cured people her herbs which she had in her garden near castle. We have special place for Anna Vasa in school. In our school we have 5 profiles: Biotechnology-medical politechnic military humanistic european My timetable : Chemistry Biology physics maths physics English chemistry
(you can choose) maths English Polish history geography English social studies I'm go to politechnic class.
I have extended 3 subjects : maths,
physics and English. This is my class. Our tutor with self class maths lesson English laboratory Our English books In our school we can study different languages.We can choose English, German, Russian or French. In our school we have a lots of extra classes for example choir called "cantus". It has many success and won many competition. rehearsal of choir "cantus". The castle is close to our school, this is the view from playground. Our school is modern, we have electronic school register, interactive blackboards, chemistry, physics and English lab, we also have astrobase with new telescopes and personal identificators which open the front doors and cloakrooms and are reader card . interactive board when we put our identificators there the door is open. P.E. lessons: On these lessons girls usually play volleyball, boys play football or valleyball to. We also run and play different team games on the playground. Our school outside: In the past our school was in the others comenius procejts, e.g. "Be globally aware". A few photos from the school: Thanks for your attention.
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