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National Art Honor Society Induction Ceremony Presentation

Alfred M. Barbe High School's NAHS Induction Ceremony Presentation

Candie Witherspoon

on 3 April 2015

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Transcript of National Art Honor Society Induction Ceremony Presentation

Comes from the sun to all things on Earth.
is the edge of all things on Earth.
Is the mass of the Earth.
Is the surface of the Earth.
Is the void, the emptiness.
Is equality and harmony.
Is time and energy passing.
I will in my life,
to the best of my ability
through my talents in art,
help to create
a more beautiful world
for myself,
for humankind,
and for all living things.
New and Renewing Members, please rise and join our Society President by raising your right hands and repeating the NAHS Induction Ceremony Pledge:
Our Society Candles, lit by our Vice President, represent the 3 primary colors,
, and
, from which many new colors can be created.
Society Flower
Red Carnation
one of the oldest cultivated flowers dating back to the
Greek and Roman Empires; it symbolizes our admiration of your willingness
to share your artistic
skills and talents with our school and our community.
NAHS Charge to New Members:
"Take of the world its colors and forms, its lines and textures, its balances, movements, and its spaces; combine all these into a beautiful statement of what it is to be human. Give back to the world the same element of beauty that you as an artist take from it. Create beauty in the world with your talents and your living."
We are pleased to welcome our guest speaker and local artist, Mr. Harry Clayton.
NAHS Webpage -- For more information visit -- http://www.arteducators.org/community/nahs

NAHS NEWS -- http://onlinedigeditions.com/publication/?i=193476

Alfred M. Barbe High School Chapter

Thank you all for attending and supporting our high school chapter of the National Art Honor Society.

We hope you have enjoyed our ceremony.

Student work may be taken home at the end of the night
or picked up from
Mrs. Witherspoon's class after Spring Break.
Tonight's Scholarship will be announced at our School's Senior Awards Night.

Thank you to those who placed bids on our artwork and made donations to the scholarship fund.

We wish to recognize and thank our wonder Certified Art Educators, for their inspiration and training and for their dedication to improving our children's love and appreciation for the arts and encouraging the development of their creative minds and their artistic talents. Not only are they great teachers, but very talented artists in their own right.

Please give a round of applause to our Barbe High School Art Teachers, Mrs. Allison Savoie, and Ms. Laura Moreau, and our guest Artist and speaker, Mr. Harry Clayton.

We would also like to thank our new Principal, Dr. Shannon LaFargue, for his support of our organization and our creative youth in their artistic and academic pursuits.

Dr. LaFargue, would you like to take a minute to address our students and honored guests?

Please join us for refreshments and viewing of the artwork of our talented students at Barbe High.
Please fill out the short survey we have provided and turn it in at the door as you leave.
Awards for the most Gallery Votes in each category go to the following NAHS students:

PLEASE fill out the brief feedback survey provided and turn in by the door on your way out.

Enjoy the refreshments and the artwork before you leave. Thanks again for coming.
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