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Auditions for Actors

No description

Amy Village-Free

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of Auditions for Actors

This unit will provide you with the planning skills and key acting techniques to deliver effective audition monologues.
a monologue should be
perfectly planned
as much thought and preperation as a full play
perfectly rehearsed
attention to detail
You are required to perform 3 monologues...
Learning objectives
Know how to select suitable audition material
analyse the text
character profile
contrasting types
deconstruct the script
Be able to relate vocal and physical performance technique to character and style
vocal technique
physical technique
growth and development
Be able to use vocal and physical technique in performance
effective and confident vocal accuracy
effective and confident physical accuracy
monologue is learned
accurate presentation of monologue in audition situation
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
list chosen audition pieces.
describe each piece and give reasons for choosing them.
prepare for audition in an appropriate manner,
work cooperatively in group sessions
work individually to develop a performance that is mostly appropriate to the character and style.
take part in auditions using vocal and physical skills in a manner that is appropriate to the role undertaken.
there may be small flaws in technique but they should not be serious enough to detract from the overall performance
detail of choices of monologue
explain why that piece was chosen over others and compare and contrast the features of the pieces.
explain the key features of each piece in detail.
interpret monologues in a more reflective way and consider the style and character of the piece.
detailed vocal and physical interpretation
ask questions that extend your learning rather than being told what to do!
present a performance that demonstrates a higher degree of control.
technically secure and sound vocal and physical work.
a detailed investigation into possible audition pieces.
make appropriate and well-considered choices.
relate choices to your own vocal and physical ability.
justify the decisions you have made.
focused and committed approach to preparation of your pieces.
work in a creative and confident way taking risks when necessary.
pay attention to detail in vocal and physical interpretation.
perform in an assured manner.
demonstrate successful use of both vocal and physical skills.
be totally at ease in the audition process.
produce a performance that is memorable!
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