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BGSU Suicide Prevention Campaign

BEKS P.R. Firm, presented on April 26, 2013

Katie Gorman

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of BGSU Suicide Prevention Campaign

BEKS P.R. Firm Our PR campaign addresses suicide prevention on the BGSU campus in six different areas: Target Audiences Suicide Prevention Campaign Plan Addressing the lack of interest in suicide within the college population. One: Training students and staff members to be aware of signs of potential suicide. Two: Three: Teach the BGSU community to step-in when they see suicidal signs from friends, colleges, strangers, etc. Four: Teach BGSU community members how to handle those types of situations (i.e. in person or online). Five: Addressing stigmas associated with suicide. Six: As well as creating a “Culture of Care,” we will emphasize that suicide is a community issue – not an individual’s fight. Six subgroups of the student population were chosen as specific audiences to direct our campaign towards. The following is each group as well as why they were chosen: Launching the Campaign Theme • Friendly and hip
Example: Hiring popular speaker Dan Savage to come and speak at BGSU about suicide.

• Dramatic and emotional
Example: With posters, asking "What would you do?" if your brother, sister, etc. was exhibiting suicidal tendencies. Logo Symbolism
Color choice Slogan Start the Conversation Favorite slogan of the focus groups we conducted.
Urges the reader to take action.
Connects with 'Culture of Care; having that conversation with someone could save their life. We're the BEST! And here's why: Our slogan is unique, well liked, and drives readers to act on the information we provide.
Multiple well researched sub groups of the student population, to personalize our materials as much as possible.
Using the website as a landing point for the whole campaign, so anyone can access multiple aspects of the campaign in one place. Goals and Objectives 1. To educate BGSU faculty, staff, and students about the warning signs of suicide. a. Positive increase of students who wish to receive information regarding suicide prevention from 74% to 50% in the 2013-2014 academic year

b. To increase awareness among faculty/staff by 10% in 2015, using survey information from 2013. 2. To empower people to intervene with students who may be exhibiting signs of suicide/distress. 3. To reduce the stigma associated with help seeking behaviors. a. Increase the number of {subgroup} who seek help through counseling center by 20% in the 2014-2015 academic year from the current number seeking help. 4. To create a culture of care on campus that promotes shared responsibility for suicide prevention. a. Decrease the number of students who felt things were hopeless in the last two weeks from 16% to 11% by 2014.

b. Decrease the number of students who felt lonely in the last two weeks from 21% to 16% by 2014.

c. Increase BGSU Counseling Center Facebook “likes” from 56 to 100 by spring 2014. Strategies and Tactics Develop Internships / Work with BGSU PRSSA Student Run Firm Public Relations intern
Event Planning intern
Design intern
VCT/Web intern
PRSSA Student Run Firm Partnerships and Co-Sponsorships Special Events Social Media Communication BEKS P.R. Firm Members Shirley O'Nan Emily Loss Rebecca Shirling Katie Gorman Thank you! Questions? Comments? Account Executive Assistant Account Executive Financial Planner and Copy Editor Client Relations and Graphic Designer Wood County NAMI
BGSU Wellness Connection
BGSU Health Center
Omega Phi Alpha
Falcon Parent Association
Starbucks Dan Savage, 'It Gets Better Project'.
To Write Love On Her Arms, 'Heavy and Light Tour'.
BGSU Suicide Prevention, 'Share Your Care'.
Start the Conversation with Starbucks.
Suicide Prevention Week, Sept. 9- 14. a. Increase the number of people who attend gatekeeper training each year by 10%, beginning in the 2013-2014 school year.

b. Increase the number of students willing to help others in distress from 36% to 56% in 2014. Facebook YouTube Twitter Evaluation Throughout the campaign
At the end of each school year
Specific evaluation methods Timeline Budget Conclusion NOW is the time to
start the conversation. Limitations LGBTQ Incoming Freshman Military Veterans Target Audience: Target Audience: Target Audience: Up to three times more likely to attempt suicide, and about 30-40% of youth suicides are part of the LGBT community.
This statistic is extremely alarming, and surprisingly there is limited research conducted on the LGBTQ community.
Focus group findings Account for 40% of all suicides that happen on college campuses.
Isolation, lack of family support, and financial stresses are all factors that contribute to this percentage.
Since we are working with the counseling center, we chose to focus on Freshman because the number one cause of Freshman aged suicide is undiagnosed mental illness. Since September 11, 2001, suicide rates among soldiers, active-duty and retired, has risen significantly.
The nature of their jobs and the potentially disturbing situations that they are being trained to go into cause mental and emotional distress.
Nearly half of college students who are U.S. military veterans reported thinking of suicide and 20 percent said they had planned to kill themselves,” Living with a disability does not exclude people from having suicidal thoughts, and in fact it can exacerbate these thoughts.
70% of disabled people say that they would feel pressure to die if assisted suicide was legalized.
Very little research exists on this subject as well, making it a top priority for secondary research.
Interview with Sarah Rainey, a faculty adviser who is an advocate for disability rights.
Interview with Katie Franklin, a student who is interested in ASL translating for any events or speakers our campaign chooses to host. People with disabilities Target Audience Target Audience Faculty and Staff Faculty and staff are often conflicted where to draw the line with student intervention without suffering legal implications.
We plan to reach them with our campaign in an attempt to better their understanding of suicide, how it is a risk to their students, and how they can prevent it.
Since faculty and staff often are the people who see students the most, it is easy for them to notice changes in behavior and/or appearance (early prevention).
Focus group findings General BGSU Student Population Target Audience It is the peers of the general student population who are at risk for suicide.
It is important for us to create a general message that can appeal to all students, not just specific student subgroups.
They have the most contact with each other, and the entire idea of creating a “Culture of Care” is that everyone is involved in erasing the stigmas associated with suicide/creating a more caring campus. Digital Communication QR code
Website Strategy & Tactic Focus The Crisis Text Line, premiering August 2013; created by dosomething.org
BG Cares cell phone application.
Texting to start a conversation. Cell Phone/Text Message "Texting is 11 times more powerful than email communication (in reference to teenagers)."
Quote at 1:50 #BGcares #IcareBG www.BGSUStarttheconversation.org R.I.P. Kyle Miller--an excellent example of why social media awareness is so important. R.I.P. Amanda Todd-- an excellent example of why social media awareness is so important. R.I.P. Frank Septaric-- an excellent example of why social media awareness is so important.
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