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How to use whiteboard effectively ?

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Amrit Poudel

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of How to use whiteboard effectively ?

General Training & Workshop
NB Academy
Trishuli Questions?

Volunteers to practice? Example 1 Handwriting Does this happen in your lesson?

How do you use the blackboard?

Do you recognize your strength and weaknesses ? How could the information be better organized? Watts, E. (n.d.). The Blackboard Book. Reference Example 2 When teaching beginners it is essential that your own writing should be larger, clear, correctly formed and correctly placed.

When you are teaching handwriting show your students how to from letters between double lines.

Draw these first with a steady hand right across the board.
Indicate where to start each other and which direction to follow. Contd. Normally all handwriting on the board should be in lowercase ( small letters ) except when capital letters are necessary for correct punctuation.

It is very important that all writing on the board should be clear and correctly formed.

Your writing on the board should correspond to the type of handwriting you want from your pupils. Handwriting Be quick
Be simple
Write clearly
Plan your layout Few tips Start a presentation with a clean board
Erase unrelated odd information

Position, write /draw your information before class starts

Control glare on the whiteboard
Do not turn your back on the class while you are writing

Avoid talking to the whiteboard. Write on the board, then turn around and talk. Usages Board practice Make sure that you do not mix up different tasks on the board

Try to fit all substitution tables on one line

Plan your work before the lesson, but if you do make a mistake, rub it out. Don’t cross it out. Remainder cont.… Always write neatly and clearly ( for advice on handwriting).

Keep the bottom left hand for new spellings.

Keep the bottom right hand for homework task and remainders

If you set different tasks for students different ability, keep one side of the board for GRUOP 1 and the other for GROUP 2 be consistent. Always jeep to the same board layout. Remember Eleanor Watts declared that the whiteboard should help children learn.

It should never make learning more difficult.

If your whiteboard is well –organized, your pupils’ work is likely to be well organized. What others say ? Example : whiteboard How to use a whiteboard effectively ?

Apply “ Hints and Tips”
Layout, Color, Lettering, Lines

Speak About Handwriting Objectives What do you notice ? How to use whiteboard effectively?
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