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orpheus and eurydice: prezi


joshua mccormack

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of orpheus and eurydice: prezi

Orpheus and Eurydice BY: Joshua McCormack Orpheus and Eurydice did not symbolize anything but the moral of their story is patience is key. Good things come to those who wait. Extra information - Orpheus is said to be the creator of men liking other men
- Eurydice died because she was about to get raped and while running away she got bit by a serpent Orpheus is the grandson of the
Zues and Eurydice has no
relationship to Zues Myth Symbol facts Relationships -Orpheus and Eurydice were Married to each other
-Orpheus was the son of Apollo and calliope,the muse of epic poetry
-Neither of them ever had children The story of Orpheus and Eurydice is about two lovers who were going to get married but on the day of the wedding Eurydice, the bride was killed. So, to get his love back, Orpheus went to the underworld and sang to Hades so he could ask for her back. Hades gave her back but under one condition, he could not turn around and look at her until they reached the real world. When they were almost there, he could not resist so he looked back and Eurydice faded away while saying “farewell.” - Orpheus and Eurydice had the same names in roman mythology
-Neither of them were a god or goddess of anything Modern day Allusions After Orpheus lost Eurydice, he only played sad music. Some say that today every time someone plays a song about heartbreak, it is Orpheus's hands who are guiding the musicians fingers. Bell, Robert. ”Eurydice in Classical myth.” Modern American Poetry. 1991. November 2nd 2012. http://www.english.illinois.edu/maps/poets.htm. Web.

Woodlief, Ann. “The story of Orpheus and Eurydice.” The story of Orpheus and Eurydice, as told by Apollonius of Rhodes, Virgil and Ovid. Fall 2001. November 2nd 2012. http://www.vcu.edu/engweb/eurydicemyth.html Web.

Room, Adrian. Who’s who in classical mythology. Chicago: NTC/contemporary publishing company, 1990. Print. http://enzieshahmiri.com/blog/mythology-paintings/ http://www.sfds.net/Academics/Student_Projects/2006_2007/greek/orpheus.html&docid=Qvq1fNTcbDpOYM&imgurl=http://www.sfds.net/Academics/Student_Projects/2006_2007/greek/orpheus.
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