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cvicna prezentace o impresionismu

Vendula Karásková

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Karaskova

Impressionism- the origin of modern art Historical background Revolution in visual art How to recognize an impressionist painting Most famous artists Postimpresionism
Industrialisation New Paris (Haussmann)
Japan art
Art market
Invention of tube colours
Expansion of railway
Protests against official Salons
1st impressionist exhibition 1874
– Salon des refuges (Salon of refused)
Pure colours
Catching the atmosphere of place and time
Short touches of painting brush
Black isn‘t a regular colour
Painting in „plen air“
No details

Claude Monet
Édouard Manet
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Edgar Degas
Vincent van Gogh
Paul Gauguin
Paul Cézanne
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