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The Hero's Journey: Wall-E

No description

Lindsey Fox

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey: Wall-E

The Hero's Journey: Wall-E
Although she is not helping much at this point in the story, it becomes apparent later that EVE is WALL-E's mentor, and after all, she did start the adventure.
The Ordinary World
WALL-E is a small, working robot, programmed to do one thing: clean the trashy, depressed Earth while the humans are away. All day, every day, he and his pet cockroach venture out of their home to gather trash into cubes and stack them into mountainous piles, listening to music and collecting anything that looks interesting along the way.
The Call to Adventure
One day, when he is at work, WALL-E discovers a seedling, one of the last forms of life on Earth. Later, a spaceship lands and sends EVE, an advanced robot sent from the Axiom to search for vegetation. WALL-E falls in love, and eventually EVE starts to warm up to him, too. WALL-E starts to show her numerous things in his collection of miscellaneous Earth objects, and when he bring out the seedling, EVE immediately traps it inside of her and shuts down.
Being a curious robot, WALL-E never really refuses any call to adventure, but if we broaden the statement to mean "anything that stops or slows the progress of the adventure," we can call the short period of time when EVE is shut down the refusal.
By: Lindsey Fox
Crossing the Threshold
After a long period of deactivation from EVE, WALL-E wakes one morning to find that her ship has come back for her. Not wanting to let her go, WALL-E races after her, clinging to the ship's hull. He is then rocketed out of the earth's atmosphere and is brought to the Axiom, where he discovers that the passengers on the giant ship have become morbidly obese and that everyone, including the captain of the ship, leaves almost everything to the robots that are there to serve them.
Tests / Allies / Enemies
The captain of the Axiom discovers that since EVE discovered the plant, Earth can now be considered habitable, and the ship can fly back to Earth so that they can all go home. However, the main villain is established when the robotic autopilot, Auto, orders the captain's robot assistant, GO-4, to steal the plant as part of his no return directive that was issued to all autopilots after the (incorrect) conclusion was made that the planet could not be saved.
Tests / Allies / Enemies (continued)
When the plant is discovered missing, EVE is considered defective and taken to the repair ward along with WALL-E for cleaning. When WALL-E mistakes the process on EVE for torture, he tries to "save" her, which leads to him accidentally releasing all of the malfunctioning robots. He and EVE are designated by the on-board security system as "rogue robots." Along the way, WALL-E makes allies with two people aboard, John and Mary.
Angry at WALL-E for causing so much trouble, EVE takes him to the escape pod bay to be sent home. However, while the two friends are there, they see GO-4 sneaking the missing plant on to an escape pod set for self destruct. WALL-E goes into the escape pod in attempt to save the plant, but before he can get out, GO-4 launches the pod into space. Luckily, before the pod explodes, WALL-E escapes with the plant. Meeting again with EVE, they celebrate with a loving dance outside of the Axiom.
WALL-E and EVE must pass through security and sneak past Auto to show the rescued plant to the captain before time runs out.
After watching EVE's recordings of Earth and discovering how great it can be, the captain decides that with the plant and all the new information on how to make it better when they get back home, mankind must return to Earth.
Road Back
After the decision is made, the heroes still have one final obstacle: Auto. Auto reveals his directive to not return to Earth and stages a mutiny. He tasers WALL-E and EVE realizes that the only way to save him is to get his parts, which are back on Earth. She and the captain work together to fight Auto and get the plant into the ship's holo-detector to activate the ship's return to Earth. In one final heroic deed, WALL-E holds the detector open for EVE, which almost crushes him completely. EVE gets the plant into the holo-detector and frees WALL-E, and the Axiom starts its return.
As soon as the robots (and humans) get back to Earth, EVE takes WALL-E to his home, where she repairs him with the necessary parts. Sadly, with his new memory disk, WALL-E's personality is gone, and he doesn't remember EVE.
Heartbroken by WALL-E's memory loss, EVE gives him one last farewell kiss, bringing back his memory and personality. As WALL-E and EVE reunite, the humans and robots of the Axiom begin to restore the Earth and bring back the environment.
Character Archetypes
The Mentor: EVE
The Villain: Auto
The Hero/Innocent Youth: WALL-E
The Comic Relief: The cockroach and M-O
The End!
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