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Coca Cola Classic


Gin Tồ

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Coca Cola Classic

2. Target Customer
The most potential is the age group from 18-25 - 40% of total age segment.
3. Dimentions
5. Product name
Inserting the ‘Trademark’
6. Price
It is distributed to stores, restaurants, fast food oulets, supermarkets through our country
1. Description
Group 9 - Class 37
1. History
2. Target customer
3. Dimension
4. Wrappings
6. Price
7. Launch date
8. Advertising
1. Description
2. Target customer
3. Dimension
4. Wrappings
5. Product name
6. Price
7. Launch date
8. Advertising
1. Huy Viet Nguyen
2. Dieu Linh Nguyen
Coca cola Classic
Coca Cola History
- In 1886, Coca-Cola was invented by a pharmacist named John Pemberton, otherwise known as "Doc."
- Doc Pemberton died in August 1888
- In 1891, Asa Griggs Candler became the sole owner of Coca-Cola.
Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.
- One of top brands in the world
Muhtar Kent, CEO
Alexander Cummings
Chief Aministrative Officer
Gary Fayard
Chief Financial Officer
An American multinational beverage corporation and manufacturer, retailer and marketer of nonalcoholic beverage.
500 brands in over 200 countries or territories and serves over 1.7 billion servings each day.
125 years in business.
Over 140 000 worldwide employees.

• Age:
- The customer of Coca-Cola is youngester or youth
- 15-25 and reachs to 40.
- Their targeting is not based gender but the results show that both genders like this product and use it.
• Gender: 58% female and 42% male.
• Lifestyle: busy lifestyle (face shortage of time) and mobile generation.
• Family: dependent on their family
• Occupation: Student and family oriented people.
• Nature: fun loving and entertainment loving
• Social economic status: Upper lower and lower class

4. Wrappings
In 1960, Coke began using cans.
In 1977, Coke trademarked for bottle designs and called ‘Coke-Cola and Coke’.
Coca-cola introduced a lot of packages for their brands. Used many materials such as glass, plastic, tin,…
Extra swirls
1941-1960s Tail tweaked
A fishy shape
That famous white wave
Keeping it real
A classic design
125 years of happiness
Price of Coca cola Classic
8000 vnd
6000 - 7000vnd
17000 vnd
Coca is popular contained in cans, small bottles, large bottles and glass bottles
8. Advertising
Development of Coca Cola
Coca-cola operations in 5 regions around the world :
1. North America
2. Latin America
3. Europe, Eurasian & Middle East

4. Asia
5. Africa

In Asia, Coca-cola operations in 6 regions :
1. China
2. India
3. Japan

4. Philipin
5. South Pacific
6. The South West and South East Asia (SESWA)

Brand value of Coca Cola
In the top list of the largest global brands 2011 by Interbrand, Coca-cola continues to be the world’s biggest brands, followed by “three technologies” IBM, Microsoft and Google.

The factors creat brand creat value of Coca Cola:

 1. Brand a wareness
2. Brand links
3. Quality brand
4. Loyality brand
Coca Cola - Icon of U.S Economy

It’s a symbol of success and global domination of American economic , so when anti-American, Coca-cola is the first symbol is aimed at. With what brand value has brought, Coca-cola also bear the burden of losses from its brand.

Marketing Strategy
1. The successful history :

“The real thing” (1970)
”I’d like to teach the world to sing" (1971)
“Coke is it”( 1984)
2. The biggest marketing
mistake in the history
–New Coke  
3. Marketing cost
– modern Coca-cola’s burden
4. Modern Coca-Cola’ s
commercial strategy
– standing up from failure

5. Coca-cola’s farewell to 30-second commercial

Competitors - Pepsi Cola

an amazing freshness

PEPSI: new generation’s choice

1. Products in Vietnam's market
Fanta orange
Fanta Berry
Fanta Fruit
Diet Coke
Schweppes Tonic
Schweppes Lemon Soda
Crush Sarsi
 Sunfill Orange
Sunfill Pineapple
2. Marketing Campaign
Coca-cola : “Turning towards the community”
Learning center.
“Environmental education” program.
Disater relief.
Taking care of family meals with mother.
Outplacement advice program for women.
“Visiting the factory” program.
The soundfest- Fantastic musical festival.
Source: Ho Chi Minh city taxation department.2011
Thanks for listenting
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