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Creating a Prezi

No description

Corrie Kelly

on 24 June 2010

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Transcript of Creating a Prezi

Creating a Prezi Double click anywhere on the screen
to add text. What the heck is this thing? To add a picture, click "insert". From here, you can load the file of
any picture or video... like this... Frames are fun to play around with-- Accents big ideas Adds fun flair Highlights important concepts Just makes it look cool When you are ready to set the path.. Choose the order and remember
it can always be changed. (It looks funny but it works!) See? Want to make your text/picture/video
smaller, larger, crooked, or upside down?
Have I got a tool for you! The middle circle moves
your item wherever you
want it to go. The second circle can make it
larger or smaller. The outer circle is used to make
objects move upside down or
sideways. or this...
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