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Mariachi Music

We Are All Poops Here, Bub!

Allison Carrier

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of Mariachi Music

Mariachi Music
Summer Simmons
Allison Carrier
Traditional Instruments
Mariachi Music
A Traditional Band:
Two Trumpets
Two + Violins
One Guitar
One Vihuela
One Guitarrón
A Harp
What are Vihuelas and Guittaróns?
Note: Most bands differ in which instruments and the amount of instruments used. This is a large ensemble. Sometimes you can see as few as a pair of trumpets and a vihuela.
A very large, deep-bodied Mexican 6-string acoustic bass

A Vihuela is an instrument like the guitar with five strings and was made in the 19th century
The Culture
Mariachi Music

History of the Mariachi
It was called this because it was originally developed Mexican state of Jalisco, in the town of Cocula. The style of mariachi we know today, was developed in the 19th century.

Typical Mariachi Band
This band consists of two guitars, one vihuela, one trumpet, and a guitarron
Heavy cotton, typically black or white
Adorned in fancy laces, buttons, and designs
Mariachi Harp
There is no absolute standard in the construction of mariachi harps, there are several characterizing features that distinguish it from other types of Latin American folk harps. These features include the type of wood utilized, the general shape, and the overall look of the harp.
Mariachi is a part of Mexican culture, much like their food. Typical Mexican food can include:
Chips & Salsa
Fried Ice cream
Harp and the Violin
The violin is used to complement the trumpet when playing in the band
When the Spanish arrived in Mexico, they brought with them their culture and instruments. Indigenous people learned to play these instruments and developed many music styles, one being called Son. Mariachi developed from this style, originally being called son jaliscense.
Video of Mariachi Music
Los Camperos
(The Campers)

A Mariachi group featuring a harp, 3 guitars, 5 violins, 2 trumpets,
There is a typical technique known as zapateado. This technique is when the dancers typically bang the heels of their boots into the floor in tune to the music.
Another type of dance typically paired with a mariachi song is the jarabe, which is a combination of different dances like
polkas, jotas, donzes, and sotas. These dances all have
huge regional differences.

The Mexican Hat Dance
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