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No description

Courtney Perakis

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Design

by CM Perakis Design Elements Viewer Perspective Informal Balance Formal Balance Texture Color Value Shape Line Symmetry Asymmetrical Linear Perspective Line: In this piece there are many lines both actual and implied. The eye follows the road around the curve due to the painted lines as well as the green edging that highlights it. There is also a horizon line that breaks the picture in two with the road filling up a little over a third. Value: The focus of this piece is clearly Mickey and Walt who are bathed in light while the rest of the piece is subdued in the front. The top is black with helps create a contrast on the statues and highlights them further. Informal Balance: One side of the picture is dominated by the heavy metal poll while the other a thin wispy tree. While they to not share equal weight they to balance the picture together. Linear Perspective: This picture causes the viewer to see an imaginary line converge at the presumed end of the street with the road meeting in the same place. Texture: The piece showcases many types for texture from the rough tree bark to the soft skin of the women. While the background emphasizes a weathered look the woman shows a softer side while still being intense, Shape: The Earth is the clear shape of this piece with lines that curve to help empathize a false third dimension. It is further empathized by the rectangular shapes of the rest of the piece. Viewer Perspective: The
perspective is angled upward showing off the vast different in
size. Allowing a person to be a
larger part of the picture then if it was taking on a traditional
horizon. Formal Balance: While the picture is on a slight angle you can see the balance easily. The arch is balanced around the window with curtains hanging from each side. Two lamps to frame the art and a light that hangs right above the art piece, down the middle. Color: It is easy to see that color is what catches the eye the most on this piece. The hues are mainly in the green family with pops of blue and orange-yellows. There is a large value range with the castle the lightness and the water the darkness. The saturation as helps to add a layer of brightness to the piece.
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