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My Poetry Project

No description

Mira Ravi

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of My Poetry Project

Table of Contents
Acrostic: FLOWERS
Ballad: My Surgery
Biographical: Mira Ravi
Cinquain: Golf
Diamond/Diamante: The Sun and Moon
Haiku: Waterfall
Outside/Inside: My Outside and My Inside Self
Limerick: The Cat
Onomatopoeia: The Storm
Free Verse: My Ocean


Lilies full
Of sweet, sticky nectar
Water sprouts them from buds to flowers with
Ever so delicate petals
Rare and exotic
Sweet, various scents that are never the same

Mira Ravi


Wishes to become a doctor
Dreams of becoming a scratch golfer
Wants to always be happy
Who fears death
Who is afraid of big, hairy spiders
Who likes to hang out with friends
Who believes in treasuring the present
Who loves to play golf
Who loves to be busy
Who loves to talk to people
Who loves to read good novels
Who plans to visit India again
Who plans to make more friends
Who plans to make a golf team

Green, Difficult
Driving, chipping, putting
A calming, relaxing sport
A patience tester


Cold, rushing water
crashing against jagged rocks
Water sprays my face
Fiery, Torrid
Blistering, Incinerating, Sweltering
Star, Life bestower,
Satellite, Orb
Glistening, Shimmering, Orbiting
Serene, Opaque
The Cat

There once was a cat
who was very fat
his whiskers were fairly unkempt
At everything he was inept
except for sleeping on his bright, pink mat!

The Storm

Plip Plop, Plip, Plop

went the steady rain
The fire hissed,
sheltering me from that cold, damp outside

the uneven hail called out to me,
thrashing against the roof
thunder had clasped the bark off a tree
The wind whistled
for a final time
the storm had subsided
back into a small drizzling rain
My Surgery

A prick of an IV
and the world goes pitch black
Awakened, I find my
foot as lame as it can possibly be
A cast wraps all of the throbbing pain
No family, friends, or relatives
are there to comfort me
On crutches I arrive to school with a
foot as lame as it can possibly be
My friends play with each other
as I watch with a steady gaze
They try to cheer me up
but I cannot even step forward
for my foot is as lame is it can possibly be
A vast, deep blue ocean meets the horizon
The music of the gulls fill my heart
The waves crash into my soul
Salty water stings my eyes as a wave sprays the warm sand
Fish with glimmering tails swim aloft the vibrant colored coral
Flourishing seaweed swiftly sways back and forth, guided by the tide
Flawless seashells lay partially obscured by the seafloor
Pale, pink jellyfish ascend toward the gleaming surface
Sea turtles gracefully drift through the raging tide
Whales migrate through both murky and clear water
until they reach their destination afar
The sun brightens the dark, murky seafloor
bestowing warmth to the bottomless blue
Dolphins leap into the radiant sunshine
Their tails disappear beneath the silky, blue water
As day becomes dusk
the waves calm down
making the serene ocean seem bare
The moon illuminates the ocean whole
Water gently laps over the golden sand
The gulls' music fades away
announcing the very end of the day

My Ocean
My Inside Self and My Outside Self

My inside self and my outside self are as different as can be.
For my outside self is yet a child,
who happens to love to read,
she plays golf,
and sometimes writes for the fun of it,
but doesn't make much of it.
My inside self is different you can see,
for she is flawless,
a scratch golfer,
and a Stanford Medical Graduate,
and a future surgical doctor

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