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Skeletal system

No description

sarah james

on 7 January 2016

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Transcript of Skeletal system

Topic 1.2.5: A Healthy, active lifestyle and your skeletal system
What is the skeletal system and what does it do?
The skeletal system includes all the bones in the body.
You have one minute to learn the 5 functions:

Aid movement
1. The bones provide a place for muscle to ATTACH to, so that when the muscles contract they PULL the bones and cause movement.
Movement occurs at the JOINTS of the skeleton.
Q: Can you think of any muscles that would make a joint move when they PULL the bones?
2. Bones also act as LEVERS.
Levers allow the body to increase the
they generate or the
of the movement.

Q: How would this be helpful in physical activity - can you relate levers to a sporting example?

Sporting example:

tennis player
longer levers
(bones) will
on a
Support and shape
Your skeleton provides a frame for your body and therefore supports you.
The skeletal system
your muscles and vital organs and gives your body its

Q: Can you think of 3 sporting examples of how your skeletal system supports you?
Your skeleton provides protection for your
For example, your 'cranium' (skull) protects your brain if your opponent follows through wildly with hockey stick and hits you in the head. Your cranium can prevent a severe injury to your brain!
Let's test that knowledge.
The functions of the skeletal system in practice
Diver Tom Daley is a good example of how all these functions work together.

Watch the video and try to identify where each function is used.
Which of the following options is correct to complete the sentence below?
The skeletal system protects:
A) Vital organs, for example bones, muscles and tendons
B) By providing a hard structure over the organs needing protection
C) By providing structure for support
D) By providing red blood cells which fight disease
One function of the skeletal system is to enable movement.
(i) State another function of the skeleton (1)
(ii) Give an example of the use of this function when participating in physical activity (1)
Read each answer carefully and eliminate all possibilities
Movement and protection are functions of the skeletal system. Name the other function and explain it's importance.
What do you think is the most important function of the skeletal system and why?
main functions
- Movement
- Support
- Shape
- Protection
- Blood-cell production
Why can the skeleton only be said to 'aid movement'? What else is involved?
Blood-Cell production
This occurs in your bone marrow
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