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Water in Jordan

No description

Nathan Kibler

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of Water in Jordan

Water in Jordan

Refugee population

1) Despite increases in production, the agriculture sector’s share of the economy has declined steadily to just 3.78 percent of gross domestic product by 2014.
2) About 4 percent of Jordan’s labor force worked in the agricultural sector in 2002.
3) Approximately 25% of Jordan’s total population that would be classified as poor rely on agriculture as the families main source of income or food.
4) 28% (300,000 migrants) of the migrant labor force are working in the agriculture sector, most of whom are Egyptian laborers

Camp opened July 28, 2012
2012 recorded 30,000 refugees
December 4, 2016 recorded 79,474 refugees
Red to Dead
Poor water retention
Water per capita
Will cost 10 billion dollars
Over 100 miles long
The pipeline would carry over 2 billion cubic meter per year
Jordan produces 880 billion cubic meters of water right now
Will employ about 1700 people

Brought to you by

EVS 515
infrastructure repair
The amount of water lost every year could satisfy more than a third or Jordan's population
Approximately 50% is lost nation wide
The estimated cost of infrastructure repair in Amman is one billion dollars (2014).
Disi Water Conveyance
Pump 2.2 x 10 gal of water per year from aquifers on Saudi border to Amman.
Water is radioactive
Aquifer is not recharged
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