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Hatchet: Final Assignment

No description

Riya Balsara

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Hatchet: Final Assignment

If you want to take a
closer look at the book
"Hatchet", follow me..... The Heart Attack Hatchet When the pilot had his heart attack, it changed
how Brian saw his survival. Brian immediately
thought that he was going to die because he did
not know how to fly a plane, he couldn't
contact anyone and the plane ran out of fuel.
In the text, on page 26, it said, "Going to die,
Brian thought. Going to die, gonna die, gonna die
his whole brain screamed it in the sudden silence". In my opinion, The heart attack really did change Brian survival because if it didn't happen Brian wouldn't have been stranded in the forest. Fire After the porcupine attack, Brian discovered that the hatchet could be used to start a fire. This realization made Brian change the way he saw his survival. Brian knew that if he had fire, he would have warm, light and something to cook any possible food he may find. Brian was automatically struck with joy when he made this discovery. In the text, on page 86, it said, "There could be fire here, he thought . I will have a fire here, and struck again, I will have fire from the hatchet." That moment brought him hope. If he could start a fire, he would be one step closer to a longer survival. His determination and perseverance did bring him that extra step closer. I think that fire is so important and it did change his survival because the fire gave him warmth, light, it helped him cook the fish and the foolbirds, and it also drove the mosquitoes and blackflies away. the fire was so importat in so many ways. The Plane Passing Brian thought it was a normal day, until he saw and heard the plane, flying over him. It was probably a team of searchers looking for Brian. He started a bonfire to catch the pilot's attention, but by the time he started it, the plane was gone. This changed how Brian saw his survival because after this he didn't have any hope of being rescued. Now his hope was on surviving After the plane had passed Brian was so depressed, that he tried to kill himself using the hatchet. Brian realized that he would not die, and he wouldn't let death in again. Brian now calls himself "the new Brian", because after the plane passing he had changed. It changed the way he thought and acted. In the text, on page 123, it said, "He was not the same. The plane passing changed him, the disappointment cut him down and made him new. He was not the same and would never be again like he had been." In my opinion, if Brian didn't change, it would have affected his survival. After the tornado hit, Brian quickly rebuilt everything and kept going on with his life, as is nothing had happened. The old Brian would have gave up instantly, and he would have probably died. Fish When Brian got his first real food source, the fish, it changed how he saw his survival. Brian knew that if he could catch fish on a daily basis, he would have a food source that could keep him somewhat full. This changed how he saw his survival because after this, he had hope. In the text, on page 127, it said, "Not hope that he would be rescued-that was gone. But hope in his knowledge. Hope in the fact that he could learn and survive and take care of himself." In my opinion, the fish really did change his survival because even after that tornado, when he lost everything, he still ate the fish. The fish have always been there for him even when he had nothing else. The fish were what kept him alive. The Survival Pack When Brian saw the tail of the plane sticking out of the lake, he realized the plane would contain a survival pack. After this Brian made a raft out of logs, swam to the plane and used his hatchet to break a hole into the tail of the plane. Brian swam down to the fuselage of the plane and grabbed the survival pack. This changed how Brian saw his survival because the survival pack gave him many valuable treasures such as, food packages, a sleeping bag, a cooking set, a fishing kit, and more! With this he would have a very long survival. In the text, on page 188, it said, " It was all freeze-dried in such quantity that he thought, with this I could live forever." If Brian hadn't got the survival pack , he wouldn't have had the emergency transmitter. The emergency transmitter is what sent a signal to a plane flying in the local area, which lead Brian to be rescued. In my opinion, if Brian didn't get the survival pack he wouldn't have had the feelings of greatness, pride and hope. These are the feelings that Brian needs to help him achieve more and make him want to do better in life. By: Gary Paulsen Conclusion In my opinion, these are the five main plot events that changed how Brian saw his survival. I think that the heart attack, the fire, the plane passing, the fish, and the survival pack have all definitely changed Brian's survival through out the book, in many ways, good or bad. Overall, the book "Hatchet" was a terrific book, with many ups and downs, challenges and accomplishments and it definitely grasps the readers attention. Introduction For my hatchet final assignment, I will be telling you about the 5 main plot events that changed how Brian saw his survival:
The Heart Attack
The Plane Passing
The Survival Pack

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the presentation!!!! These are the fish Brian caught this is a
sunfish this is a perch fish this is what the
plane might have
looked like this is what the survival pack
might have looked like this is a picture of Brian's
plane crashing into the
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