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Writer's Toolbox: Sparkling Sentences

Definition, examples, and partner activity

Kayla and Stephen Briseño

on 22 November 2011

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Transcript of Writer's Toolbox: Sparkling Sentences

Sparkling Sentences! Let's take a look at this paragraph. What makes this piece of writing so powerful? What words or phrases did the author use that stand out to you? she never mentions the kind of cold that just tears your skin. They sure got the bundeling up part right. some big loose snowboots What makes these sentences sparkle? Let's look at a few more examples... (write these in your writer's toolbox notes) What makes a sentence sparkle? Although he was thirty-five, he acted as if he was just a boy in a man’s body. --Chris My dog was laying down in the warm puffy grass, not knowing that it was going to be the last time she played and slept in that same place. --Jesus S. I could feel the air piercing my face. -Preston Find your Homer partner. Now let's look through our
partner's writing for sparkling sentences.

Draw a red star next to a sentence that is boring and needs to sparkle.

Draw a blue star next to a sentence that you think sparkles. My mom always tells me how cold it is in Iowa, but she never mentions the kind of cold that just about tears your skin. My family and I were at my Grandmother’s house bundeling up to go sledding with our cousins. They sure got the bundeling up part right. I had 3-4 layers of clothes on! Plus, some big loose snowboots. I could not wait to go outside and cool off. Pretty soon, we jumped into the van, and headed off with our cousins to the slopes. My boots were a size too big. One of them kept falling off. I groaned. I was stuck. I could not get to the top. I moved my hands and legs trying to climb. I was exhausted. It took me about 15 minutes to get up there. By the time I got to sit down, I had sweat running down my face. I took off my mittens and immediately felt frostbite. Cold winds nipped and bit my hands. Soon they grew numb. Read this to yourself and talk to your shoulder partner about what sparkles. A sparkling sentence is a sentence that makes the reader go "Wow!" because of the way it is written so well. It might have really strong verbs or amazing adjectives, or it may just be worded in an interesting way.
Write this in your writer's toolbox notes: "You still looking for a friend?"
"You're talking to him." --Taylor
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