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Potential River Cruising along Pasig River

Thesis. Mara Chezka Acuña

Michael Argie Velasco

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Potential River Cruising along Pasig River

Puerto Princesa Underground River London Paris Singapore RIVER CRUISING Philippines Generates large GNP from tourism industry

Blessed with a very historical river in the heart of Manila POTENTIAL TOURIST CRUISING ALONG PASIG RIVER POTENTIAL TOURIST CRUISING ALONG PASIG RIVER Significance of the Study Tourists
Local residents
Local government
Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission
Department of Tourism
tourism students Data Gathering Interview with PRRC

Questionnaires Statements of the Problem Factors that motivate tourists to go on a river cruise

Potentials of Pasig River as river cruising destination

Potential attractions along Pasig River

Problems and Suggested Solutions Stratified and Purposive
Sampling Technique Respondents

231 CEU Makati Tourism Students Weighted Means Summary of Findings Factors that motivate tourists
to go on river cruising Leisure and Relaxation= TOP MOTIVATION

Learning Experience

Cultural Experience

Romantic Experience

Celebration of an Ocassion Potentials of Pasig River
to become a river cruising destination Gives significance to education with regards to its history and culture

Provides an alternative conventional tour package around Manila

Accessible to attractions and safe for cruising

Size and depth is perfect for river cruising Potential Attractions Historical Fort Santiago Rizal Park Cultural Manila Cathedral San Agustin Church and Museum National Museum Casa Manila China Town Natural Sunset at Manila Bay Other Rockwell Problems ENVIRONMENTAL = Water pollution

SOCIAL = Extensive Informal Settlers

ECONOMIC = Financial Constraint
Suggested Solutions Relocation of informal settlers
Continue dredging project
Forbid illegal structures like factories
Adopt beautification projects along the river
In line with these, government agencies like PRRC and private sectors such as ABS CBN join forces to revive Pasig River. Some of their projects are: Dredging Project Fun Runs River Warriors Relocation of Informal Settlers Before After POSITIVE RESULTS Conclusions 1 .River cruising is now a popular tourism activity because it offers elements such as romantic sceneries, eye-catching landscapes, impressive historical landmarks, and a unique learning experience. 2. The efforts of Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission and other private sectors to revive Pasig River are resulting to positive developments, convincing respondents that there is a potential for river cruising in the area. 3. Pasig River is accessible to many interesting sites in Manila. The historical, cultural, natural and other attractions along the river are sufficient enough to promote and develop river cruising. 4. The government is faced with a lot of problems concerning Pasig River, such as environmental, social and economic problems. The environmental problems truly hinder the development of Pasig River because the river must be aesthetically conducive to attract tourists. The existing social problems are not only obstacles to the progress of the country but also have negative implications to the Pasig River. The economic problems significantly affect the improvement of Pasig River because without the resources and financial support, the programs in developing Pasig River cannot be implemented. 5. Although there are many problems presented, the problems are not insurmountable. A concerted effort among the PPRC and various government and private sectors can transform Pasig River into a major tourist attraction for the country. Recommendations 1. The river cruise lines should offer more innovative products and services to attract tourists to go on a river cruise. Moreover, the guests should practice responsible travel so as to maintain the beauty of the river. 2. The PRRC and the private sectors should continue their programs of reviving the river so as to fully develop the river and create a new tourism activity such as river cruising. 3. The Department of Tourism and other attached agencies should preserve and enhance the potential tourist attractions along Pasig River. 4. The government should provide unified plans and solutions so as to address to the existing problems. 5. The government should strictly implement their policies and programs in developing the river and they should also be open in getting ideas from other countries that had been successful in developing their river. 6. The proponents recommend to the future researchers to study about the facilities for river cruising such as the cruise itself and its stations. 7. To the tour operators, the researchers propose a day tour Pasig River cruising itinerary.
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