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Universal gripper

No description

Viridiana Mora

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Universal gripper

Universal Gripper Ana Cecilia Carranza
Luis Fernando Martínez
Viridiana Mora Pérez
Carlos Humberto Quezada Background Background Brainstorming Advantages Explanation Idea Video The universal gripper came up from the idea of creating a project for a robotic arm to carry a pick and place routine out holding any item, to make that possible, a grabbing tool had to be designed. There were many sorts of tools for the robot, some of them using magnetic field, motors or pliers but they all had lots of limitations. The universal gripper was thought to grab many things with different shapes because the team realized that if a specific form and size was given to a particular gripper this was going to be able to pick only specific items, limiting the capacity of an invention. •The gripper is able to grab many objects with different size and shape, no matter how irregular they are. Elastic membrane Composition The universal gripper basically consists of an elastic membrane filled out of a granular material and adapted to a vacuum camera. The elastic membrane makes the granular mass stay in its place once the vacuum camera's working. Granular mass It is important to select an adequate granular mass because it's a factor that affects in the strength of the gripper. After a research process with different degrees of granulation a specific one was selected. Vacuum camera This is the part of the gripper that besides the elastic membrane produces the enough vacuum for the granular mass to take the shape of the item to pick and strength to do it. •Easy maintenance, the only problem that may crop up is that the elastic membrane ripped, but it can be replaced easily •This model is designed to pick small pieces but it could stand around 100 grams. •It's portability makes it easy to move Costs The price for this device is really low, due to all the economical but durable materials used for its construction, the Universal Gripper costs approximately 2,000 pesos including the valves 5/2 and the double effect cylinders.
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