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neveen elkholy

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of project

Organization structure:

It’s the total sum of brought together under

one for performing a unique type of work.
Types of org. charts
Task force
Actual org.
Modified org.
Office team
Project description “Cluster 1”
-Project overview
-Project Scope
Contract Definition
Contract is an agreement between 2 parties
(or more)to establish business deals or partnerships.
Project Overview
Owner : DAMAC
Contractor : Middle-East Contracting Group
Consultant : Engineering Consultants Group
( ECG )
Contracting documents

Contracting forms (agreement)

Conditions of the contract (general and particular conditions)


Bills of quantity


Master Plan
Types of contracts:
Price contract:
sum contract.
Unit price contract.

Cost contracts:
Cost plus.
Target cost
Cost estimation
Method of construction
Cluster 1
General Conditions
Type of contract
Type of tender
Project lies in “fifth settlement – New Cairo” ,near “Ain-Sukhna” High way.

As shown in master plan, there are many services provided around/in the project as:
Landscape and Large Green Zones
Parking areas
Sports center
Country club and SPA
Project consists of 4 contracts :
1- Main Contract
Unit Price
Selective Tender
Main Contract Milestones
Project Scope
For the 75 villas mentioned in the main contract, the status of each villa as shown in table :
Comments and modifications on Contract:
The engineer should inform the contractor of his additional or modified drawings
in a written form not orally
to avoid misunderstandings and to be more accurate.
Site layout
Quantity survey
Cost management
Risk management
Value engineering
The new clause should be:

The Contractor and the Engineer will be responsible for obtaining any approvals required from relevant authorities .
The Contractor and the Owner will be responsible for preparing fully coordinated shop drawings for all trades with each other to ensure the completion of the work.
The Contractor and the Owner
shall update the shop drawings and shall be responsible for obtaining all authority and other required approvals.
• Site layout can be defined as site space allocation for material storage, working areas, units of accommodation, plant positions, general circulation areas, and also access and exits for deliveries and emergency services.
Original site layout
Modified site layout
Safety layout
Total area of doors & windows= 8880000 mm2
Area of masonry (12.5 thick.) for first floor= ((41045*3200)-8880000)/10^6= 122.464 m2
Area of masonry (12.5 thickness) For Ground= ((41045*3600)-8880000)/10^6=138.882 m2
Quantity survey case study
Total area of doors & windows= 900000 mm2
Area of masonry (12.5 thickness) for roof= ((3000*2900)-900000)/10^6= 7.8 m2
Total area for masonry (12.5 cm thickness) = 7.8 + 122.464+138.882=269.146 m2
Total area of doors & windows= 900000 mm2
Area of masonry (12.5 thickness) for roof= ((3000*2900)-900000)/10^6= 7.8 m2
Total area for masonry (12.5 cm thickness) = 7.8 + 122.464+138.882=269.146 m2
Material total cost = 7350 + 12348 + 4402 = 24100 L.E
Equipment total cost = 890 L.E
Total direct cost of the slab = 24100 + 890 + 1740 = 26730L.E

Indirect cost = 25% direct cost = 6682.5 L.E

Total price = direct cost + indirect cost = 26730+6682.5= 33,412.5 L.E
Total price for 1 m3 concrete = 33412.5L.E / 21 m3 = 1591 L.E/m3
Method of construction of excavation
It's a safe work procedure which covers
the activities to be carried out
The used equipments
The needed labors
5 workers
1 surveyor
1 quality supervisor
Used materials
Main safety hazards:
•Collapse of the sides.
• People and vehicles falling into the excavation.
Steps of construction:
1)Notification for the area of excavation to check if there is infra-structure
2)Determination of the Bench Mark
3)Prepare the grading levels for the whole construction site to determine the amounts of dig and fill.
4)The surveyor put the points for the excavator and the cut level.
5) Start excavating
6) Submerge the excavation with water
7) Compact the soil
9) Permission to start the Pc footing.
1) compression test
Quality Plan
1-Establish WBS
2- Define &sequence Activities
1-a) FS :
Steel fixing of slab ---- Pouring of slab
1-b) SS :
Start of group1 work
2)After “internal plastering” filter
3-Estimate Activities Duration
4-Estimate activities Resources
Resources needed for steel fixing
5-Develop schedule
8) Apply a compaction test to know the moisture content in the soil.
Notes :
Scheduling LOG
Critical Act. = 13%
For labor Resource :
The Project Risk Management processes
Identifying techniques
Historical information
Risk Quantification
Our main risk concern
Summary of montecarlo simulation
Risk Response Planning
The change in Risk cash Flow After
avoiding the risk :
Unexpected and unforeseen earth problems
&avoiding the risk
: import/export restriction risk
& mitigating the risk
: Labor wages increase
Clean water
Soil for back fill
Close out
: The purpose of Project Closeout is to assess the project and derive any lessons learned to be applied to future projects.
Main phases of project closeout
Primer handover
Guarantee schedule
Final handover
Project Demobilization
Project Evaluation
Stakeholder Closure
Closeout report
: Approval of the Project Closeout Report indicates a formal agreement that the project is ready to be closed.
Copy of a snag list
Copy of a delivery report
Value engineering is a balance between



value engineering of Formwork:
1) Information phase
The project: Hyde park "Cluster 1"
What is used in site: Wooden Formwork
Slab type: Solid slab
Villa consists of : (2 Floors + Roof)

Total cost for 2 Sets of Wooden formwork = 76050 L.E
To start working in 4 Villas we need
2 Sets *4
with cost = 304200 LE

2) Creative phase
We suggest 2 alternatives

3) Judgment phase
4) Development phase
5) Presentation Phase:
The findings using this VE model should be presented to the owner for approval and implementing.

Is defined as the efficient use of resources , labor ,capital ,land , materials, energy and information in the production of various goods and services.
The new clause:
The engineer may issue to the contractor , at any time, instructions and additional or modified drawings
in a written form
which may be necessary for the execution of the works and remedying of any defects, all in accordance with the contract. The contractor shall only take instructions from the engineer or from the engineer`s representative or an assistant to whom the appropriate authority has been delegated pursuant to this sub-clause 2.5.
The contractor have the full responsibility to obtain any approvals from authorities.
But some authorities requires
the presence of the owner. The owner obtains the relevant Authorities approval on Design, including the “Affection Plan” لم,but the Contractor obtains any approvals (NOCs = No Objection Certificate) regarding many things e.g. water and electricity connections.

formal document used in procurement, which clearly and accurately describes the essential and technical requirements for items, materials, or services.
Methods of specs setting:
1. Detailed method.
2. Performance standards method.
3. Selective specs method.
4. . References method.
Comments in our specs:
After the study of the specs and to what extent to the ASTM comply with it we found that
It Discusses materials in more details.
But it could be easier to refer it to ASTM as follows:
A. Portland Cement: ASTM C 150, Type I or II.
B .Sand Aggregate: ASTM C 897

Organized approach to provide functions at the


Duration of plastering = 440 / 20 = 22 Days
Labor cost = 150 * 22 = 3300 L.E

Productivity Improvement
1 st Trial:

Duration of plastering = 440 / 35 = 13 Days
Labor cost = (70 * 13 *2) + (80 *13) = 2860 L.E
2nd Trial:
Duration of plastering = 440 / 30 = 14 Days

Labor cost = 150 *1.5 * 14 = 3150 L.E
Alternative suggestions:
2.Rebar forming
3rd Trial:
**we recommend hiring:
Additional worker (1st trial)
Because of High Productivity and Time Impact
(It saves up to 9 days on the time plan)
There are two perspectives to measure the success of the project
Did the project meet the requirements of the owner for function,cost.time & quality?
Did the contractor make a fair profit as planned?
Site layout
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
Quantity survey
Cost estimation
Method of construction
Cost management
Risk management
Value engineering
Communication management
Ahmad Nagieb
Amira Abd Allah
Amira Abd Allah
Neveen Dia'a
Salma Mohammed
Salma Mohammed
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed
Neveen Dia'a
Ahmad Marouf
Ahmad Nagieb
Mohammed Ahmed
Neveen Dia'a
Salma Mohammed
A7mad Ma'arouf
Ahmad Marouf
Amira Abd Allah
(75 villas)
Office team
Site team
Quality Control
Labor total cost = 240 + 540 + 960 = 1740 L.E
Cost estimation for 1 m3 of Reinforced Concrete slab:
Cost & Time Management
Chapter (12)
Behind schedule

From the above curve ,we realized that SPI average value is less than 1


From the above curve ,we realized that CPI average value is greater than 1

Under budget
-The second storage area is not efficient.
- No security booths or fences surrounding the storage areas
-Two electrical generators
-Parking area
-Water Supply and Sanitation
-Labor camp
-Engineers offices and caravans
Qualitative analysis :-
Probability and Impact Matrix
Quantitative analysis :-
The contractor will not be paid a monthly statement for an amount less than one million egyptian pound, in our opinion
we think that it is unfair to the contractor and it will make constraints on contractor`s cash flow
which can affect his financial ability.
The new clause should be:
The contractor shall be paid any amounts of money monthly.
1. Tiles:
Egyptian Tiles
Imported Tiles
Metal Tiles
2.Rebar forming:

Any delay in payment, the period of delay beyond the contractual period shall be added to contract duration.
excavation of plot1
excavation of plot2
Max All. Float = 26 days
For wood resource :
Duration of plastering = 440 / 38 = 12 Days
Labor cost = 150 *12 *2 = 3600 L.E
Quality Assurance
2) Compaction Test
Comparison between wood Forms and Early striking system:
Communication management
A7mad nagieb
FIDIC 87 th Edition
Add a new clause in case of payment delay:
Meeting From Consultant to Contractor
Weekly meeting is held
Communications between them are “Written Type”
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