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Marginalized Groups

No description

Diana Milien

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Marginalized Groups

Marginalized Groups in Today's Society Ex-Convicts What is a Marginalized
Group? A marginalized group is a group that suffers discrimination, displacement and poverty solely because of their ethnicity, beliefs, language or social class. Ex-Convicts An ex-convict is a person who was found guilty for a crime and has finished their sentence in prison
A label of an ex-convict may cause life-long problems, such as social and mental complications
The main component of the marginalized group is gender, because the men are more likely to become marginalized after being released from prison
Ex-convicts are marginalized because not everyone trusts people who have just been released from prison.
As an ex-convict, assumptions are typically made which prevents them from the rights most people in the country have Helping Ex-Convicts •Second Chance for Ex-Offenders Act of 2011: allows certain individuals convicted of nonviolent offenses to petition for their records to be erased upon completion of their sentence and satisfaction of other substance abuse, educational, and community service requirements.
•SNAP is an organization that assists people with energy assistance, and recently has a new grant that will help ex-convicts get back on their feet Statistics on Ex-Convicts •According to Center for Economic and Policy Research, in 2008, about one in 15 working-age adults was an ex-felon and about one in 7 adult men of working-age was a felon
•Since over 90 percent of ex-offenders are men, the effect on male employment rates was much higher, with ex-offenders lowering employment rates for men by 1.5 to 1.7 percentage points. Scared Straight Scared Straight programs are programs that do not necessarily combat the marginalization of ex-convicts but they scare kids straight so they can convince the kids to stop doing wrong things. They target young delinquents to change their lives and have them avoid going to prison Future for Ex-Convicts •Ex-convicts are often hired by agricultural and industrial services, construction companies, local farms, trucking companies, fast food restaurants, online companies, and themselves.
•Forty percent of ex-convicts go back to jail within three years, so almost half ex-offenders future is not very bright Marginalization of Ex-Convicts •Ex-convicts were always marginalized throughout history, but as more and more people become imprisoned more organizations are formed to help ex-offenders return back to society
•Ex-convicts are still marginalized due to the society who often neglect and push away ex-offenders because of the crimes they have done in the past
•Ex-convicts are denied to voting rights, education opportunity
•They are also discriminated against for housing and jobs, which makes it difficult for ex-offenders to find jobs and shelter
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