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Mole Project

Chemistry project about how big a mole really is

Rebecca Evans

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Mole Project

If you had 1 mole of soccer balls, how many times could they cover the earth? 1 mole soccer balls x 6.02*10^23 soccer ball If you had 1 mole of krill, how many stomachs of blue whales could you fill up? If we had 1 mole of gum, for how many years could we prevent everyone in the US from having bad breath? Chemistry Project By: McKenzie, Rebecca, Michelle,
and Jordan -------------------------
1 mole soccer balls 25.5 inches^2
1 soccer ball x x 1 foot
12 inches x 1 mile
5280 feet = 2.423 x 10^20 miles^2 -surface area of the world: 196,939,900 miles^2
-1 mole of soccer balls covers 2.423x10^20 miles^2 2.423x10^20 miles^2 of soccer balls
196,939,900 miles^2 =1.2303x10^12 = 1 mole of soccer balls will cover the entire earth 1.2303x10^12 times 1 mole of gum x 6.02x10^23 pieces of gum
1 mole x 1 person
3 pieces x 1 day
90 million people x 1 year
365 days = 6.1086 years Information:
-90 million people in the US have had breath (from www.cnn.com)
-Each person should chew 1 piece of gum for 20 minutes after every meal-->3 meals a day Answer:
No one in the US would have bad breath for a little over 6 years if we had 1 mole of gum. Information:
To fill up a blue whale....approximately 2200 pounds of food
One Krill.............................2 grams
1 grams...............................0.002205 pounds 1 mole krill x 6.02 x 10^23 krill
1 mole krill x 2 grams
1 krill x 2.205 x 10^-3 lbs
1 gram x 1 blue whale
2,200 pounds =1.2067 x 10^18 whales Results:
1,260,736,000,000,000,000 whales could be fed by 1 mole of krill! The End!
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