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Plagiarism-how to avoid it?

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paula, dragana Fatema, terence

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Plagiarism-how to avoid it?

UWL Harvard Referencing
Correctly reference your work.
You have to follow two steps:
1. Cite in text.
2. Finish your work with reference list.

When you use any information (opinion, research, idea), that is not a general knowledge, you must indicate the author and the year it was published.
Reference in text, straight after you use it.
There are two ways:

The “shock” of referencing

In an academic level of studying it is essential for students to refer the sources of informations used in their written assignments. The fundamental aim of referencing is to verify and proof the sources of evidence. With reference you guide the person, who reads your assignment, to the resource that you used in your studies. There is so many different ways of Harvard referencing. In this assignment we will introduce and present the simple one.
referencing books
Accountants Anonymous(AA)
Correct order:
Author(s)- surname followed by first name
Year of publication(in brackets)
Book title IN ITALICS .
Edition(omit if it is first edition) .
Place of publication :

Pugh, D.S. , Hickson, D.J. (2007)
Great writers on organizations
. 3rd omnibus ed. Ashgate: Aldershot.
Author surname, initials. (Year) Title of article. Journal name. Volume number (Issue or part number), first and last page numbers.
Doukas, J. (2013) European Financial Management (Issue 4), pg 13-17.
Referencing Journals
Referencing websites
BBC NEWS, 2008, Management Consultant. Date Accessed 19/08/2013, Available from:- http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/7750765.stm.
Secondary referencing

What if there is no author?
You must make it clear, that you using other persons words. Distinguish them from your own writting by using quotation marks. You must also provide page number.
What if there is no date?
What if there is more than one author?
in text citations
in text citations
Make it a part of a sentence(you have to give authors surname and and the year of publication in brackets):
Maslow (1954) claims, that people are motivated by unsatisfied needs.
Maslow, A.H. (1954)
Motivation and personality
. New York: Harper.
Reference at the end of the sentence:
Employee's motivation is determined by money he receives in exchange for his work(Taylor 1911).
Taylor, F. W. (1911),
The Principles of Scientific Management
, New York, NY, USA and London, UK: Harper & Brothers
Make sure they are in alphabetical order.
Include all references in bibliography.
If there is two authors, give both surnames and date of publication:

In their excellent study Rosenthall and Pittinsky(2006) were able to show, that narcistic leaders are motivated by their needs for power and admiration.

Rosenthal, S.A., Pittinsky, T.L. (2006) Narcissistic leadership.
The Leadership Quarterly
, vol. 17, no. 6, pp. 617-633.
If there is more than two authors, use this format:

first surname et al (date)- et al means "and the others"

Zhigiang et al (1996) claims that leaders who cooperate with employees have positive effect on staf turnover rate.

Zhiqiang, L., Zhenyao, C., Ji, L., Shengping, S., Yongqing, F.(2013) Leadership style and employee turnover intentions: a social identity perspective.
Career Development International
, vol. 18 Iss: 3, p.305 - 324

Publisher, Year, Title, Date Accessed, Available from:- url
Use "Anon":

Anon (2006) gives advice on how to get started on "rounding"- walking around and checking on staff.

In reference list, start with the title of work:

"Staff Motivation", 2006,
Partner's Report
, vol. 06, no. 1, pp. 6.

Please make sure, that you have made all the effort necessary to establish the author(s).
If you using an anonymous source for academic purpose, judge wisely if it adds any value to your work.

If information was provided from recognised organization, use name of it as an author.
If you use source in text multiple times:
1 First time use full name(with acronim in brackets)(do not forget about the date)
2 Any aditional time you allowed to use acronym(date)
You will have to use both in reference list:
Full name of organisation (acronim)(date)

British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC)(2006)
Martin Luther King's Style of Leadership
.[Online].Available at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/recent/martin_luther_king_01.shtml [Accessed: 18 October 2013]

Use (n.d.)- no date


University of West London(n.d.)
Harvard referencing guide
[Online]. Available at: http://www.uwl.ac.uk/library/referencing/harvard-referencing-guide [Accessed 18 October 2013].
Referencing Pictures
Requires intext citation and
citation in bibliography.

ARTIST (Year) Title of the work. [Material types]. At or In: (where found, for example in a book or museum). AUTHOR/EDITOR of book. (Year). Title. Place of publication: Publisher, Page number.


MINTZBERG, H. (1979) The basic parts of organisations – Mintzberg’s model. [Diagram].
In: COLE, G.A. (2004) Management Theory and Practice. 6th ed. London: Thomson, p. 186.
Referencing Newspaper Articles
Author’(s) surname and initials if known or title of newspaper if not.
Year of publication
Title of article
Title of newspaper, in italics
Day and month
Page number(s) and column letter

Choi. H, October 2013, You'd Better Have A Plan, New York TImes, page 3.
The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.
How to avoid it?
If you have to edit the quote:
*replace any omitted words with ...
*any words, that you add from yourself, have to be placed in [ ] square brackets
If the quote is longer than two lines, include it in separate paragraph. You no longer have to use quotation marks.
Try to avoid using too many quotations.
You should avoid it, and reach original source.
However, if you decide to do it, make it clear, that you have not read primary source.
In the reference list only include the book you read.
Grout and Fisher(2011, p.10)points out that "you can be appointed a manager but you have to earn your role as leader".

Arendt (1969, cited by Kets de Vries 2006) points out that totalitarian leaders develop ideology, that can be compared to religion.
Save your references and export them into your RefWorks account.
Use output style manager
Choose UWL Harvard as favourite style of referencing
You can create different folders and gather your references anytime.
Enjoy ready to print reference list
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