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Why I should go to the DCF Awards

Megan Ardren

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of DCF

Faith, Hope and Ivy June was my favorite DCF book this year because it shows how girls from different backgrounds can come together and become best friends. I also really liked Scat because it was a mystery and adventure and alot of action. Carl Hiaasen is also one of my favorite authors. My third and final favorite was 11 Birthdays. I liked it because of the adventure and how they learn how to get along and celebrate their eleventh birthday together. I have always been interested in books and have wanted to attend the DCF Award Ceremony since I was in third grade.
This is also my last chance to go since I am in fifth grade this year!
I would really like to hear Wendy Mass speak; it would be exciting to get to meet her, too! I have participated in the DCF program for 2 years and decided to do it this year because
I wanted to go to the DCF Award Ceremony
There were a lot of awesome books on the list I hope to participate in the DCF Program again next year because I love to read and because there are always great books on the DCF list. I've already read Once Crazy Summer and Turtle Island! Also...
All the Broken Pieces was written by one of my counselers at Camp Takumta and I think she might be going to the Award Ceremony and I could see her and tell her that I read and liked her book. I would like to attend the DCF Ceremony because Megan Ardren My Faves Last but not least...
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