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Science and Urban Life

a lesson about the scientific impact on the society during the late 1800s to early 1900s

ryan oates

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Science and Urban Life

Science and Urban Life: The Creation of Modern America 1. Sky Scrapers Steel Frames Too much stuff,
not enough space. Invention of the Elevator 2. People needed a new way to get from place to place. Rich and Optimistic Society Flatiron Building- Daniel Burnham Electricity. Elevated trains Streetcars 3. Frederick Law Olmsted Daniel Burnham Leader of the movement for planned urban parks. meant to lift people's moods New Technologies: Important Scientific Advancements Literacy Rate 90%
1890 1. More Literature Cheap paper from wood pulp withstood high-speed printing presses newspapers and magazines made more affordable 2. The Wright Brothers Orville Wilbur Invented the Airplane First flight- Kitty Hawk December 17, 1903 Lasted 120 ft. and 12 seconds. By 1905, flights lasted 24 miles By 1920, first transcontinental airmail service was established George Eastman invented in 1888. It was and still is very important and photography today. to journalism Louis Sullivan's Wainright Building 3. By Ryan, Jason, Nathan, and Robbie Thanks F R Watching!
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