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Magnetism in the 21st Century

No description

Savanna Philips

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Magnetism in the 21st Century

Double click anywhere & add an idea Magnetism: the property of an object being able to attract another object Magnetism in medicine:
One of the way magnets are used in medicine are as braces (as pictured above). Magnets work in braces by blocking sodium and calcium that accumulate and cause nerves pain. With the pressure on the nerves relieved, magnetic braces can have a very soothing effect. FIVE ITEMS THAT INCLUDE MAGNETISM:
1. Ankle braces
2. Computers
3. MAGLEV trains
4. Floating rings toy
5. Earth! Magnetism in astronomy:
Magnetism is also found in astronomy. Earth, our own planet, has a strong magnetic field (called the magnetosphere) that protects us. Recent studies have also proved that other planets and moons also have protective magnetospheres. Magnetism in electronics:
Magnets can be found in computers. The hard drive must spin very fast and a magnet could help reach that required speed.
Magnetism in Transportation:
Technology in Magnets has helped create a magneticly leviated train (MAGLEV). MAGLEV trains can move extremely fast (at up to 300 mph), due to extremely powerful magnets that help the train leviate over the train tracks. Magnetism in toys:
These floating magnetic rings can be a very entertaining toy for children. Each ring contains a magnet that will repel the one underneath it, thus creating "floating rings".
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