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Singapore Math

Possibly The Most Visual Way to Learn Mathematics

Laura Baye Broccoli

on 17 April 2011

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Transcript of Singapore Math

Singapore Math What is it?
A highly successful national math program that has been taught in the country of Singapore since 1982.
In the year 2000 the Singapore Math Primary Mathematics series was adapted for use in the United States.

What makes it unique?
1999 Reduced-Content curriculum
Provided room for teachers to implement the infusing of thinking skills and integrating the use of Information Technology in lessons
Curriculum content reduced by up to 30% for most subjects.

A new approach to developing in-depth mathematical understanding through:
concept building activities
unique mental math strategies that build from year to year
problem solving methods
guided lessons
Manipulatives and hands-on activities build concrete understanding
User friendly student texts and workbooks
Detailed teachers editions and teacher training Results
Singapore students ranked highest in the world on the math portion of the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study, TIMSS in 1995, 1999, & 2003.
Students from the United Stated ranked 12th in the 2003 TIMSS competition.

number disks
place value charts
shape cutouts
number dice
number cards
Number ladders are used to teach multiplication

Bar modeling is used to solve word problems

Number bonds help students develop mental math strategies
Number ladders Number Bonds Websites for more information
Singapore Math Company, its products and information
Document from the American Institutes for Research

Thank you for participating in my Prezi! Sample Singapore math Lesson
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