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Animal farm chap 1&2

No description

thomas dietrich

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Animal farm chap 1&2

Characters Mr. Jones- The human on the farm causing the animals pain.
Old major- The pig who has the idea of the perfect life on the farm.
Snow ball-one of th leaders that take over the farm when major dies.
Napoleon- one of th leaders that take over the farm when major dies.
Squeeler-one of th leaders that take over the farm when major dies.
Boxer & clover- the horses on the farm who back up the pigs
Moses- the spy on the farm, who tells tales of a mountain of sugar. 1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy
2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.
3. No animal shall wear clothes.
4. No animal shall sleep in a bed.
5. No animal shall drink alcohol.
6. No animal shall kill any other animal.
7. All animals are equal.
George Orwell His real name is Eric Arthur Blair,
George Orwell is simply his pen name.

He lived from 25 June 1903 to 21 January 1950

He believed in Democratic Socialism Chapter one and two

Old major has a dream and tells the other animals about the dream. He gets them together and its a dream about a life without Mr. Jones. All the animals were there except Moses the raven. He represents the religion in the book. When old major dies, the pigs take over and sway everyone too revolt again Mr. Jones. They make the 7 commandments. Napoleon takes the puppies because hes planning on teaching them. Some of the animals are scared of working without Mr. Jones. The story is concidered a fable, although it is a true story, the animal aspect allows it to be concidered a fable, but the symbolism in the story allows us to believe that the animals actually to take charge and can survive. Mr. Jones - Czar Nicholas II
Old major- Karl Marx
Moses- Russian Orthodox Church
Napoleon- Joseph Stalin
Snowball- Leon Trotsky
Squealer- Pravda
Napoleon's dog- KGB
Chapter three and four
Napoleon spread the word of animal farm by sending out pigeons to tell other farms about it. Jones tell his friends Pilkington and Frederick. They laugh at him, but are secretly scared. Mollie was hiding in her stall when the battle was going on. Jones had a gun with him and droped it when he was attacked. Snowball learned his tactics from a book he found in the house. Snowball made the sound to retreat but turned around and attack jones.. Boxer kicks a boy and kills him, but he feels sympathy for it. Snowball says the only good human is a dead one. After the battle they gave our medals and rankings to the ones who fought bravely. In 1917 russia became Union of the soviet socialist republics (USSR) Chapter five
Mollie is acused of betraying the farm's way of life by communicating with humans and letting them pet her nose and give her sugar. Napoleon and snowball are constantly fighting over political issues. 4 legs good 2 legs bad. Snowball gets attacked by Napoleon's dogs. The dogs are essentially Napoleon's KGB or secret service. Chapter six
Napoleon abolished the sunday meetings so that the animals could work more, if they choose not to work, their rations would be cut in half.
The windmill was top priority on animal farm. Boxer(the working man) made it possible for the windmill to be built. Other animals helped out, even the pigs did sometimes. Napoleon was more devious as the book goes on, he tells the hens that giving up there eggs were a sacrifice for the good of the windmill/farm. When the storm destroyed the windmill, snowball was blamed even though he has nothing to do with it. Chap seven
Napoleon thought if the windmill wasn't complete, the world would laugh at them.
They tricked the humans by working in harsh weather so they'd believe everything was okay. The hens were ordered to give up their eggs so that they may have grain and other food for the winter. The hens freaked out, and started dropping eggs on the roof of the farm house. If they didn't hand over their eggs, they would be killed. Also they discovered that Snowball had been living on the farm at night, destroying the crops and contaminating the water supply. Chapter eight
The animals realize that the commandments are changing, but they dont wanna say anything cause they dont wanna die. The 6th commandment was changed by adding "without cause" to the end of it. Napoleon and the other pigs told the animals that snowballs medals weren't offical. Chapter nine
Boxered worked harder to see the windmill built before he retired. Squealer had told them they were making a readjustment instead of reducing their food supply. Pigs numbers were increasing as the chickens were decreasing. Napoleon is trying to make a higher class for the pigs only. The pigs were allowed to wear green ribbons on sundays. This represents a higher archy and the pigs turning into humans. They choose to have spontainious meetings, this represents pep rallies, or parades or even concerts. Napoleon had decided to make animal farm a republic, but no one else wanted to run for president because they would die. Boxer's lung had givin out while working on the windmill. Napoleon had him shiped off to a glue factory, and had obtained money for him. Chapter ten
None of the animals had retired and they probably won't. Benjamin says the one unutterable law is nothing could be better or worse-hunger and hardship and disappointment. The living conditions on the farm hadn't changed but the animals were proud to be the animals on animal farm. The animals had seen squealer on his hind legs walking like a human. The last comandment had changed to say "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." The quarrel over the 2 aces stood for the cold war starting. The irony at the end of the book is that the pigs moved into manor care and became what they had hated all along.
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