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UCS Bat Prezi Day 1

No description

Kerry Monahan

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of UCS Bat Prezi Day 1

A Prezi by
Kerry Monahan
There are over 1200 species of bats found all over the world!
Some bats are cute....
Some, not so much...
Some are just plain WEIRD.....
There are black bats...
and white bats....
Black and white bats...

Small bats....
and LARGE bats...
Bats have a bad rap....
Bats are the only flying mammal- period.
One single little brown bat can eat over 1,000 mosquito sized insects PER HOUR!!!
Micro bats, the kind that live here in America, use echolocation to find their way and to find their prey.
Bats are NOT blind.
Most female bats only have one baby (pup) a year .
Bat guano is fantastic fertilizer !
Some Myths About Bats...

They are blind.
They fly into your hair.
They all carry rabies.
They are useless rodents.
Natural Predators
The biggest threat to bats are humans. Habitat fragmentation, deforestation, pesticides, and hunting contributes most to the decline in bat populations. In addition, a new disease called, White-nose Syndrome is causing the already threatened North American bat populations to decline at an alarming rate.
Bat habitat
Natural predators

More on WNS tomorrow
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