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School Journey planning at SGC

Staff trip training 2015 Inset Day 1

Laurie Johnston

on 4 September 2017

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Transcript of School Journey planning at SGC

Start by checking the calendar to see if there are possible slots for your trip
If there are then fill out a proposal for a school trip form (PURPLE) well in advance of your proposed journey - the proposal form needs to be accompanied by a risk assessment (on reverse of form) and a draft letter to families - there is a very good example risk assessment on the shared area
Day trips (category 2) need to be submitted for approval preferably a month before the date and no later than two weeks. All trips need the Principal's approval before they can go ahead.
The proposal must detail where finance for the trip is coming from - there is no slush fund
UK Residential (Category 3) proposals need to be submitted at the beginning of the academic year (September) or a term before the proposed date
Overseas residentials (Category 4) need to be submitted at the beginning of the academic year (September) or two terms before the proposed date
If any of the above have HIGH RISK activities e.g. climbing, trekking involved then they must be approved by the Governors
All trips must have a clear educational purpose which must be outlined on the form
All trips must be clearly costed and the budget identified and agreed
Approval process
Once you have completed the paperwork proposal hand it LJ who will take it to the boss for approval - once a trip is approved you'll receive e-mail confirmation from Natalie Lalsee
You can save yourself a lot of time and frustration by ensuring you put in the form well in advance, make the purpose clear and secure the funding
Submit the form with yellow cover requests completed and risk assessment otherwise it will not be signed off by the boss
It is your responsibility to submit and finalise minibus booking with Mr. Gupta and/or to finalise TFL arrangements
Approval granted?
If approval is given detailed planning should begin with careful reference to the school trips policy and other guidance in the trips folder.
Some key principles
All journeys must have an educational purpose
The school's commitment to inclusion must be reflected in the selection of young people
The trip leader must be judged suitable and competent to lead the journey

The group leader should be the veteran of at least one similar school journey
Insurance and transport will be arranged as per the trips policy
Risk assessments will be completed to the standard specified in the policy and exemplars - new since last year is detailed guidance on planning for terrorist incidents
Transport will be considered separately and in detail - if the minibus or TFL travel is needed then this will be indicated on the form. A separate minibus form will need to be completed
Charges will be in line with the school charging policy
Overseas visit need governor approval
Parental consent and information must be as laid down by the policy
Staff briefing/behaviour will be as per the policy
Student briefing is specified in the policy
Post journey evaluation will be required on the correct pro-forma
How to do them - forms/planning/guidance


School Journeys at SGC

All documents (policy, There and back again guidance, forms, exemplars, Risk Assements) can be found on the Staff Shared area (T Drive)

Address: T:\_General\_NON-CURRICULUM AREAS FILES\Trips
On the day/trip

Make sure a register is completed and a copy is left at reception
Make sure you have a contactable mobile phone and that you have left the number with reception including contacts and medical information
Make sure you have student information
Collect FSM's/pre-ordered lunches
Brief students on expectations - daily if residential
Ensure good order on journey - coaches/public transport - the school's reputation is very much at stake
ensure seat belts are used appropriately
cultivate relationships with drivers/reps/centre staff/teachers of other schools
Take rubbish bags for coaches and ensure students do not eat
Headcounts at regular intervals and at all major staging posts - departure/arrival/lunch etc. Get a colleague to double-check your count
Make sure students are supervised at all times
Keep careful eye on any inter school/public interaction
Any incidents on the day take details and ensure that it is dealt with promptly - contact school if necessary
Don't be tempted in to anything risky or off plan on the day - consider your liability
If you are going to be back late then notify reception
In advance

Make sure you understand what 'in loco parentis means
Visit the destination?
If you are booking with a travel company check their ABTA status
If there are any changes to the trip programme these need to be approved by Operations
Work out payment programme and stick to it
Agree staffing with Operations
Parent Information Evening?
Review risk assessment regularly
Review student information
Rooming plans for residentials
Have a plan for valuables
Brief students
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