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Pandora of Athens

No description

Grace Hathaway

on 7 June 2010

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Transcript of Pandora of Athens

pandora of Athens Book Written By: Barry Denenderg The Setting is...


* Ancient Greece


* 399 B.C. The Characters are...

* Pandora (main character)

* Socrates / The Wise One (a philosopher)

* Phoenix (one of Socrates' disciples)

* Stephanos (Pandora's beloved uncle)

* Charis (Pandora's stepmother from Sparta)

* Menander (Stephanos' son and Pandora's appointed husband)

* Appolonia (Pandora's friend)

* Alcander (pandora's father)

*Polybius ( Pandora's brother)

Cslk Conflict sdfdsfdsdf bhjhhhhhhh By: Ellen, Grace, Freya and Reona Athens Pandora Opening the Box In Pandora of Athens Pandora has to marry a man about two times her age! 13-year-old Pandora best describes her life as this - silence, submission, and suffocation. She is stuck in the house and is only allowed to go outside to see her friend Appolonia and go to the Fountain House to get water. One day, when Pandora goes to get water from the Fountain House, she sees a large crowd. When she ventures in, she sees everyone listening to an elderly man speak. His name is Socrates, or the Wise One. When he finishes speaking, he asked Pandora her name and invites her to come the following week. Pandora is very fascinated and the week passes by quickly. at the foutain house a good-looking boy is standing there. He faints and Pandora helps him. When the boy wakes up, he tells her that he is called Phoenix. Phoenix explains Socrates' absence and invites her to a party to show his apologies.

Pandora, who has no idea what a party is, is determined to find out. With Phoenix's help, she cuts her hair short and dresses up as a boy - girls are not welcome to come! She goes as a friend of Phoenix and has an absolutely AMAZING time. But unfortunately she gets drunk and Phoenix has to carry her home. what will happen to pandora??? will she marry the man her parents want her to??? what will happen next????? read Pandora of Athens... to find ou re to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 to find out!!!!!!!
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