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Kenneth J Dunkley

No description

juliana sanchez

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Kenneth J Dunkley

By: Juliana Sanchez Kenneth J Dunkley Kenneth J Dunkley was born in Karsalona, New Mexico on December 29,1966

He is still currently still living today 3D Glasses Dunkley, is currently the president of the Holospace Laboratories Inc. in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania In Harrisburg, PA, at the Museum of Scientific Discovery, he has conducted visual effects workshops for 4 years The Making of 3D Glasses Dunkley is also a leader in the field of holography Websites Dunkley, is best known for inventing 3D-glasses. His patented invention displays 3-D effects from regular 2-D photos without any type of lenses,mirrors or optical elements. By studying human vision, Dunkley discovered that blocking two points in a person's peripheral vision will cause an ordinary picture to look like it's 3-dimensional. Therefore he developed his 3-DVG to block out these points. http://www.black-inventor.com/Kenneth-Dunkley.asp http://charismaallover.wordpress.com/2008/01/15/black-inventor-kenneth-j-dunkley-3-d-viewing-glasses http://www.famu.edu/index.cfm?blackhistory&KennethJ.Dunkley http://wiki.answers.com/Q/what_is-the_advantage_of_3d_glasses_and_movies Birth In 1973, Dunkley created his first hologram entitled "Thoughts' Our ability to see 3D comes from our "binocular vision" Because our eyes are a small distance apart, they each see a slightly different image. Our brain can take these 2 images and use the small differences between them to give us our perception of "depth'", which is the basis of 3D vision Science Behind 3D Vision Science Behind 3D Vision Because normal movies are presented on a flat screen, this is not possible Facts 3D Glasses Thank You!!! do you have any questions? Pennsylvania 7th Period Mr.Daniel Science Behind 3D Glasses However,you will notice that 3D glasses have two different colored lenses. This means that, when wearing the glasses and watching a "3D" movie, our eyes are once again seeing slightly different images, fooling our brain into thinking we are seeing in 3D.
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