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Rock Group v. School Reporter -- Who will win?

A rock group stages a concert in town, and a reporter for the school writes a review. The review is very critical and negative, saying that the performers were untalented and that the show was a waste of time and money. Angered, musicians sue for libel.

Drue Harvey

on 10 September 2010

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Transcript of Rock Group v. School Reporter -- Who will win?

A critical and negative review of a rock concert is published in a school newspaper. THe reporter said that the Musicians were untalented and that the show was a waste of time and money. The musicians sue for libel. WHO WILL WIN? Our question:
Does this reporter have a right to be that harsh? Does this fall under the 1st Amendment, or... ...is this libel? It is subjecting the band to ridicule and contempt, and most likely the loss of income because no one wants to come to their concerts after a bad review. So, to an extent, it is libelous. re·view |rivyoō|
a CRITICAL appraisal of a book, play, movie, etc., published in a newspaper or magazine. EXCEPT... ...it's in a review. In an objective article, this would indeed be considered libelous, but reviews are all about opinions. They are SUPPOSED to be critical. Our ruling? The reporter was protected by the fact that it is in a review, not an objective article. If the reporter had said that the concert was a ripoff or fraud instead of just "a waste of time and money", it would be defamatory. REPORTER WINS! (yay!)
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