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Orlando Robertson

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Planets

Bodies in Space
Mercury is the closest planet to the sun at 36,000,000 mi.

Mercury is about the size of earth's moon.

length of year: 88 Earth days
Venus is 2nd planet from the sun at 67,000,000 mi.

Venus is the Brightest object in the night sky after the moon.

length of year: 225 Earth days
Jupiter is 5th planet distance from the sun at (about 438,000,000 mi)

Jupiter is the largest planet in solar system.

Jupiter also have rings an dozens of moons.

Length of year: 11.9 Earth years
Mars is the 4th planet from the sun.
Distance is 42,000,000 mi.

Mars is called the red planet because of
its reddish soil.

Length of year: 687 Earth days
Saturn is 6th planet from the sun at
866,000,000 mi.

Saturn is best know for its rings.

Saturn has dozens of moons

length of year: 29.5 Earth years
Uranus is the 7th planet from the sun
at 1,783,000,000 mi.

Uranus has many moons and rings.

Length of year: 84 Earth years
Earth is the 3th planet from the sun 93,000,000mi.

Earth is the only planet that support life.

length of year: 365.25 Earth years
Neptune is the 8th planet from
the sun at 2,799,000,000 mi.

Neptune has several rings an moons.

Neptune has the fastest winds in
the solar system
1. Put the planets in correct order from the sun ?
2. Name the Planet that support life.
3. Name the planets that have rings.
4. What is an asteroid made of?
5. What is a comet made of?
6. Which planet is the largest in
solar system?
7. What is at the center of the solar system?
8. What is the sun made of?
9. What is a Pattern of stars call?
10. What is The path of earth move around the sun call?
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